Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase 1 clone of each strain?

The minimum order size is 8 clones. However you can select 2 strains per minimum order.

For example, if you order 8 clones you can choose 2 strains (4 clones of each strain).

Or if you order 12 clones, you can choose 2 strains (6 clones of each strain) or (3 strains 4 clones of each strain) to add up to your total order of 12 clones.

Select your desired strains click here to submit your request.

We are available by phone from 8am to 8pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). To reach use anytime, please contact us here.

We offer same day and next day delivery depending on your location.

Do avoid issues in shipping over the weekend, we only accept/process Shipping Orders Monday through Wednesday (to ship Tuesday through Thursday).

To place a shipping order, please call us Monday - Wednesday: (877) 262-6192

PLEASE NOTE: To get your order shipped the following business day, order needs to be submitted by 10am the prior business day. 

For example. If you place your order Monday before 10am, we will ship the next Business Day, Tuesday.

Tracking numbers will be available by 6pm the following business day after placing your order.