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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Coffee

It is well-known that many people cannot get their day started without their favorite cup of hot coffee. One of the surveys conducted by USA Today stated that around 83% of Americans drink coffee every day.

The Best CBD Coffee
The Best CBD Coffee

When thinking about it, CBD and coffee may not sound like the best combination. Coffee is a well-known and extremely popular beverage, steeped in history, while CBD is still a somewhat new product that has only recently become extremely popular. However, coffee and CBD share a lot more similarities than one might think. Regardless of whether you frequently use high-quality CBD products, or you are one of the many coffee addicts, you should seriously give thought to combining these substances together, since they both bring about multiple benefits.

If you are interested in finding out more about CBD coffee, then you are exactly where you need to be. In this article, we will cover all the information that you need, along with the benefits that this beverage may add to your day.

Over the last few years, CBD oil has exploded in popularity along with a range of other CBD products. It did take a lot longer after CBD started becoming popular for anyone to get the idea of infusing CBD oil into a popular beverage such as coffee. But as soon as CBD-infused coffee hit the market, it became a hit overnight. There are also coffee products that are made with hemp oil, which actually cannot be compared to CBD, since hemp oil contains much lower concentrations of CBD, even though both of these oils are extracted from hemp plants.

What Is CBD Coffee?

CBD might not be a brand new concept, however, it has increased in popularity over the last few years. It is also one of those products that not many people know very much about. This is why we put this guide together.

As everyone knows, coffee is one of those beverages consumed by people from across the globe for centuries. Coffee is enjoyed by so many people thanks to its energizing effects and its rich and unique flavor. Even though coffee is available in many types, the variant that is most common is made from ground roasted beans.

CBD, on the other hand, is a substance that has only started to make waves over the last few years. CBD originates from a plant, better known as cannabis, and has been used in various ways to enhance the health and well-being of many people around the world. In fact, CBD oil and CBD products have increased so rapidly in popularity, that many individuals have started using these products even though they do not have complicated or serious health issues.

Now you may be wondering or thinking, how does this link up with coffee? Well from research, reviews, and studies, it has been proven that it is now possible to use CBD oil to create amazing cups of coffee. Adding CBD to a beverage like coffee allows you to enjoy the flavors that you love best from your regular cup of coffee but without the adverse side effects linked to regular coffee. With this in mind, here is more information on how CBD oil actually works, and why it works really well in coffee.

How Does CBD Infused Coffee Work?

The first and most important thing that people need to know about CBD oil is that it won’t cause psychoactive effects (get you high). If you have ever given thought to use these products, there are no risks of addiction or getting yourself into legal troubles. Since CBD is not linked to psychoactive properties, you won’t have to worry about these products interfering with your work or leisure time.

So how does CBD actually work? From a chemical viewpoint, CBD is a combination of 2 compounds known as CBD (cannabidiol) and CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). These compounds are formed in the flowers and buds of cannabis plants.

It is also important to know that CBD and CBDA are found in much lower concentrations in the cannabis plant. This would mean that people would be needing to consume a significantly large amount of the plant to reap the benefits of the effects that they have on their mind and body. Fortunately, there are different methods used to extract these beneficial compounds from these plants, meaning you won’t need to consume so much of the plant to achieve any results.

There are various techniques used to extract CBD from plants. The most efficient method is extraction through either a subcritical extraction technique or via CO2 supercritical fluid. With these methods, it has become possible to extract both CBD and CBDA from cannabis or hemp plants from all types of strains. This means that CBD oil can be extracted successfully from hemp plants without needing to worry about either high THC levels or THC contamination.

Why Are CBD And Coffee Such A Great Combination?

CBD and caffeine are quite similar since both substances act on elevating your mood. So when combining coffee and CBD, you will feel even more energized when compared to just drinking regular coffee. If you have thought about trying to infuse CBD into your coffee, it is not that easy to make your own homemade brew. Companies in the business of manufacturing this type of coffee, have spent a lot of time developing the roasting and special grinding processes where the coffee beans release natural oils, which then act as the carrier for the CBD that is added.

The end result is a delicious, premium-quality coffee, that contains the best benefits of CBD products while maintaining its unique and traditional taste. For people that prefer other variations of coffee such as lattes and espressos, many coffee shops and cafes now serve CBD-infused versions of your favorite coffee and blends.

CBD Coffee: Benefits

Coffee and CBD, like most other things that we enjoy in our lives, are best consumed in moderation. You should try limiting your CBD coffee to two cups a day which should be more than enough for you to experience many of the benefits that CBD coffee has on offer. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect:

– Increase In Alertness And Energy

Coffee is a popular beverage well known for its uplifting benefits, particularly for those that need a bit of boost in the morning. CBD coffee provides these uplifting benefits without those jittery-edge effects that traditional coffee can leave the drinker with.

– Double Your Antioxidant Intake

Coffee and CBD are also well-known for the antioxidant properties that they provide. Antioxidants are one of the best ways to stop cell damage in the body.

– Better Rest And Improved Sleep Quality

One of the best advantages linked to CBD coffee has to do with helping you to fall asleep much faster and to stay sleeping longer than you would usually do. This has to do with the CBD that calms the mind the relaxes the body. This is why it makes perfect sense that this type of beverage can help to improve your sleep quality and assist you with falling asleep much faster.

– Boost Your Immune System

One of the other significant advantages of including CBD coffee in your diet is that it has the potential to boost your immunity. If you start drinking CBD coffee on a regular basis, you will probably start to notice that you may be able to respond a lot better than you once did to many different types of diseases or infections.

– Pain Relief

CBD is also very well-known when it comes to its effective pain-relieving characteristics. If you are currently suffering from severe or chronic pain, including CBD coffee into your daily regime, may help you to manage it. Many people are currently using CBD as a treatment option for Chrohn’s disease. This is an inflammatory disease that affects the bowel causing immense abdominal discomfort and pain.

– Assists With Anxiety And Depression

CBD also helps with anxiety and depression. If you are one of many people that suffer from either of these debilitating conditions, you may want to think about drinking CBD coffee to help you deal with the symptoms.

– Caffeine Speeds Up The Release Of Dopamine And Serotonin

Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that help to facilitate brain activity while playing an important role as a motivational component when it comes to reward-motivated behavior. This effect is one of the reasons why many people cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. Serotonin helps to produce mild antidepressant effects. It might not be enough in order to alleviate all the symptoms linked to depression, but can be enough to provide non-sufferers with a more optimistic outlook, especially when they don’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning.

– Caffeine Helps The Muscles To Contract

A combination of adrenaline and caffeine helps to lubricate the muscles, allowing them to contract stronger and faster than they usually would on their own. This can often help people to feel more confident, ready, and stronger to face the day.

– Caffeine Encourages The Release Of Adrenaline

The body naturally releases adrenaline during times of panic or stress. When adrenaline is released into the system it accelerates breathing, raises blood flow, and enhances carbohydrate metabolism, which is what prepares the body for “fight or flight” mode. Drinking CBD coffee in the morning won’t turn you into an amped grizzly bear, but you will probably notice a bit of kick to help you feel motivated about getting your day started or a power boost during those mid-afternoon slumps.

– CBD Can Relieve Anxiety

We have already mentioned that caffeine provides mild antidepressant benefits. When you combine this advantage of the well-known anti-anxiety properties linked to CBD, you have a great opportunity to get your day started in a calmer and more relaxed way. Depression and anxiety can even turn a lazy weekend into a highly stressful occasion. CBD coffee can help you to relax and unwind, making you feel more confident to venture out of your home.

– CBD Lowers Pain

One of the other amazing benefits linked to CBD coffee is the CBD molecules that interact with the body and the brain in such as way that it lowers pain. CBD manages to do this by:

#1 Reducing inflammation in the body
#2 “Numbing” the vanilloid receptors inside the brain, which are responsible for registering pain

Inflammation is the way the body responds to specific problems and is one of the main causes of pain, even when there are no underlying damages.

For instance, when a person catches one of the flu viruses, it usually doesn’t cause any damages other than making the person feel terrible. However, the way the body responds to the virus is to elevate inflammation levels in the system to help fight off any infections. This is what makes a person feel ill and achy. CBD is an excellent option to alleviate the pain that comes about due to inflammation.

It might not provide you with the same effects that you get from taking pain medication, and it won’t mitigate acute or extreme pain caused by a torn ligament or broken bone. But it can definitely lower the pain caused by muscle soreness, headaches, migraines, or arthritis, helping you to get on with your day.

– CBD Helps To Suppress Muscle Spasms

Uncontrolled and unpredictable muscle contractions are a major medical problem that affects people from all walks of life and ages. Since the contractions actually originate from the brain instead of the person’s body, they are often extremely difficult or complex to treat. Unlike the anticonvulsant medications which are designed to interact with the body, CBD reacts with the “source” to dramatically lower electrical misfires which cause convulsions, muscle spasms, and in some cases, even seizures.

– Benefits Heart Health

The latest research and studies have linked CBD with heart health benefits. High blood pressure happens to be a major problem that many people face. CBD is said to help reduce blood pressure and enhance the circulatory system. Research has also proven that anxiety and stress-relieving properties linked to CBD may also help to lower blood pressure.

Why Is CBD Coffee So Popular?

Many people that have tried CBD coffee, or CBD-infused coffee have made claims that the mood-enhancing and energizing properties of CBD work really well with caffeine. Most people also mention that they are satisfied or content with the lasting and overall effect. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body along with many other receptors which help the body to achieve homeostasis. At the same time, CBD is not linked to addictive qualities or psychoactive effects, which means that CBD-infused coffee is 100% non-addictive.

In addition to this, research and many studies are starting to show that CBD might contribute towards positive effects on a person’s mood, overall calmness, and anxiety. The impressive anti-inflammatory characteristics of CBD also help to relieve discomfort or pain. It Has become one of the popular naturally-occurring treatment options that many people are using to treat a range of different conditions.

CBD Coffee Types

Similar to all the other types of CBD products, CBD coffee is either infused with CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD. If you are not sure what these terms mean, here is an introduction to each type:

CBD Isolate

This form is the purest, which means it only contains CBD. If you have concerns about having to take drug tests that test for THC in marijuana, this is probably the best option for you.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

This form includes every component of a hemp plant, excepting THC.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This CBD form contains the complete array of compounds and components from the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant. The main component is still CBD, but this version also contains trace amounts of THC and compounds in the plant known as terpenes.

Is CBD Coffee A Good Option For Individuals With Anxiety?

Today, many people self-medicate with CBD oil or CBD products to assist with the symptoms that arise from stress, depression, and especially anxiety. These are the conditions that are commonly linked to symptoms that include social issues, feelings of fear, lack of motivation, tiredness, and low self-esteem issues. This is one of the reasons why CBD coffee has started to gain notable momentum for people that suffer from a condition like anxiety along with many other mental health problems and conditions. Coffee infused with CBD is something very simple that people can include in their morning routines, offering the benefit of helping them to cope better and to get their days started.

Tips On How To Choose The Best CBD Coffee

If you have decided that you would like to give CBD coffee a try, we always recommend contacting your health practitioner to make sure that the dose along with the product won’t interfere with an underlying condition that you may have or the medications that you are currently taking. You may also want to start off with one of the broad-spectrum CBD coffee brands, rather than the full-spectrum versions.

Here are some easy ways to ensure you are choosing the right CBD coffee:

– Only purchase a CBD coffee that includes a COA (certificate of analysis). The COA for CBD products ensures that you are investing in a product that is safe to try. These reports will indicate the cannabinoid amount present in these beverages, and whether there are pesticides, solvents, or microbes that came up in the testing samples.

– Be careful of any CBD coffee brands that specifically claim to treat conditions like pain, depression, stress, or anxiety.

– Choose a CBD coffee from a reputable company that you can contact if you have any concerns or questions about the product.

What Should You Expect When Drinking CBD Coffee

From the initial sip of your CBD coffee, you will notice the caffeine effects almost immediately, similar to the way one would from a traditional cup of coffee. Those positive feelings should last for an hour, sometimes more, which usually depends on your tolerance, metabolism, weight, along with many other variables, until the CBD starts kicking in.

This should not be surprising since you will be consuming CBD in a similar way to how you would with a weed tea or brownies (meaning that it has to go through your stomach first). Absorption and digestion obviously take a bit of time, similar to any other type of edible. However, the effects often last longer and are stronger when compared to dabbing or smoking CBD. So it is worth the patience, by allowing your body to do what it does best.

How Can Combining CBD And Coffee Be Beneficial?

– Increased Energy And Less Anxiety

CBD is very effective when it comes to counter-balancing any anxiety-producing effects linked to coffee, which helps you to feel more alert and focused but without having to worry about the jitters.

– CBD-Infused Coffee Is Great For Your Brain

While coffee helps to increase brain function, CBD works on protecting the neurons from degeneration inside your brain. For this reason, CBD and coffee combined could provide even more benefits when it comes to your mind.

– Antioxidant Properties

Both coffee and CBD are linked to favorable antioxidant properties which help your body to flush out toxins.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about ordering CBD coffee online or purchasing this product from your favorite coffee shop, use the information that we have provided in this article to help you make an informed choice on what type to try. CBD coffee may be able to give you the energy and mood-boosting properties that you really need, without having to worry about the anxious or jittery effects that often result from consuming coffee alone. CBD oil is also a mood-booster, and mild antidepressant, but a lot more subtle when compared to coffee. The main benefits that you can expect from CBD coffee includes improved mood and increased energy without having to worry about any adverse side effects.