Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers

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Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers

Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers

Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers

There is an ongoing debate in the cannabis community about which is superior, seeds or clones.

There are pros and cons to each. However, when it comes to commercial growing, clones are king.

Come dive in with us as we explore the ins and outs of what makes clones superior in commercial growing situations.

The Commercial Advantage

If you’re planning on growing your cannabis commercially, you’re much better off going with clones than seeds.

One of the main reasons we would choose clones over seeds is that they take much less time to grow compared to seeds, as they are cuttings made from matured plants. Clones don’t have to go through the seedling stage, allowing you to jump straight into the vegetative stage and start your harvest much sooner.

Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers
Why Clones Are King For Commercial Growers

Seeds need to germinate before they go through the other stages, such as the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. These stages can add weeks to the overall growth process.

Another reason we love clones is that you can get several plants from a single matured plant. If you love all of the qualities of that matured plant, you can replicate them with a clone, as clones are exact genetic copies of the mother plant.

Seeds, on the other hand, usually have the genetic makeup of both the mother and father plant, meaning you won’t be able to ensure your favorite traits get passed down.

If you want to create your own clones, you will need some marijuana-growing experience. In the case that you’re concerned about the bottom line of your commercial cannabis business, clones are a very economical choice.

One thing you should note is that the yield is often less than seeds, so you will need more clones to get a larger yield.

Getting High-Quality Clones For Your Commercial Grow

The majority of modern commercial growers rely on cloning unless they are crossbreeding new strains or experimenting.

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