Wedding Cake

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July 24, 2018
July 24, 2018

Wedding Cake


The most substantial part of the use of the Wedding Cake strain of marijuana is the heavy aroma and a fruity flavor.  This does have people use this particular strain for the flavor than any other feature of the product.  Most people attribute the fruitiness to that of the cherry pie.  The Wedding Cake does look different too with a lighter shade of green as compared to the more standard strains of cannabis.

One of the defining aspects of this marijuana strain is that it is mostly cultivated in the indoors.  It does have a THC level of 14-18 % and is particularly useful in a number of medical conditions.  The most notable features of people using the Wedding Cake are that they are rarely out of focus or that their energy levels are lowered with the use.  It must be said of the particular strain of the

Wedding Cake Strain

Wedding Cake Strain

cannabis that it has the little aftertaste and other irritants.

Characteristics of the Wedding Cake Strain

Although all types of medicinal marijuana do produce a calming effect and help to control the nerves to some extent; the Wedding Cake is to be noted for the euphoric feeling that it provides to the user.  The effect is immediate with little lag from the moment the cannabis is used.  This enables the faster handling of a situation and enables to limit the use of the substance to just the bare minimum.

With a 70 % Indica dominance, the Wedding Cake is one of the preferred methods to handle cases of extreme depression.  There are not much of adverse reactions, and most cases are restricted to the dry mouth and at times an itchy, dry eye too.  Some instances of paranoid feelings have been reported, but they are in the very minuscule and far apart also.  However, this is to be taken note of while using the cannabis and a possibility does exist for this reaction.

It would be hard to say that the use of medicinal marijuana does bring about a particular situation.  This has to do with the fact that like most herbal products, the cannabis does act in different ways with each individual.  Thus the outcome could well be decided by the physical condition of the patient and the severity of the affliction.  There are however some positive aspects that come to play at each of the instances that the Wedding Cake is put to use.

Why Buy Wedding Cake Strain

-Brings in deep relaxation. The high Indica component in the Wedding Cake strain makes it particularly potent as a relaxant.  It relaxes the mind as well as the body.  A change of approach when compared to most of the sedatives that are available in the market, where the mental relaxation is not assured.

-Marked improvement in appetite.  However, this could be due to the more relaxed person not feeling the pressures that prevented him from having a healthy appetite in the first place.

-Pain reliever.  The first medicinal properties of the cannabis were noticed in controlling pain in people.  It has been noted that medicinal marijuana is beneficial in handling pain and acts fast too after the dosage.

-Removing depression.  Depression remains one of the most prevalent of mental conditions.  The fact that there is no particular cause for people to feel depressed and that it is more of a personal issue with most people; makes its control somewhat tricky.  The use of Wedding Cake has been very effective in handling most of the depressive minds and some very acute cases too.

What helps the Wedding Cake to stand apart?

Although all the strains in use of the marijuana plant do have some base properties, each strain does have some distinctive characteristics.  The Wedding Cake is to be noted for the smooth delivery that it provides the user.  This is one of the most natural strains to grow and in the indoors, if necessary.  The folks that have cultivated the plant do speak of the ease of upkeep and maintenance of the strain.


Most of the medicinal cannabis can be bought with a medical card in some places around the world.  More and more societies are coming to understand the benefits of using medicinal marijuana, and this would mean still more places where the product can be had legally.