Top 11 Positive Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in the US

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August 29, 2013
November 29, 2017

Top 11 Positive Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in the US

Top 11 Positive Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in the US

Top 11 Positive Reasons to Legalize Marijuana in the US

Better taxation, modest adverse effects, and lots of health benefits, such as relaxation, better sociability, reduced anxiety, and improved appreciation of nature, food, music, and sex are some of the positive reasons to legalize marijuana in the United States.

Research suggests a substantial proportion of pot users report deriving pleasure from the use of this drug, while experiencing minimum harm.

Even though most Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, there are still many negative misconceptions out there that hold us back from full cannabis acceptance.

The momentum is shifting, but old-fashioned ideas linger in many areas of the country, and within different segments of the population.

Women too faced criticism. A 25-year-old woman who was looking for the premium marijuana clones for sale in California, said, “Many people believe weed just isn’t ladylike.”

I mean, let’s consider the facts: we’re talking about a flower nicknamed “Mary Jane.” It’s time for all men and women to embrace cannabis. Of course ending marijuana prohibition creates a better world for everyone.

11 Best Arguments for Legalizing Marijuana in the US

1. Safer, Healthier Alternative to “Mommy Juice”

Safer, Healthier Alternative to Mommy Juice

Safer, Healthier Alternative to Mommy Juice

I’ve heard several people in my life, and in pop culture, refer to wine as “mommy juice.” But this mommy juice, and other related products, like tobacco, and several medications are more damaging to health than marijuana.

On the other hand, cannabis is a safer, healthier alternative. When considering the fact that alcohol is involved in an alarming percentage of violent crimes, sexual assaults, and cases of domestic violence, why is the legal deck stacked in favor of alcohol consumption?

Marijuana doesn’t cloud your judgment in the same way alcohol does. It doesn’t cause you to “blackout,” and it won’t fuel the flames of your partner’s fiery temper.

If your college-aged daughter goes off to a party, what would you rather like her to be under the influence of? What about the men around her? Would you prefer them to be high from alcohol or high from cannabis? Studies show that even sex is safer for those who consume cannabis than it is for those under the influence of alcohol.

2. For the Sake of Personal Liberty

For the sake of personal liberty

For the sake of personal liberty

How could a country, like the US, that values personal liberty and pursuit of happiness would penalize someone for consuming hashish? The government should lift a ban on a plant that is safer than alcohol and other such drugs.

3. Better Sleep and Disease Management

The medicinal qualities of cannabis can help people relax and fall asleep, may reduce the risk for certain cancers, and could even help people manage their weight… all without the calories, hangover symptoms, or damaging effects of heavy drinking (or the risky side effects that occur with many prescription drugs).

Research shows one in four American women take antidepressants, and an increasing amount of women use and abuse opioid painkillers. Amazingly, different strains of cannabis can help manage those conditions, and more!

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for prescription drugs, just that cannabis can sometimes be a healthier substitute!

4. Availability of User-Oriented Strains

Availability of User-Oriented Strains

Availability of User-Oriented Strains

In states where cannabis is legal, trained budtenders offer expert advice on what strains are right for each individual customer, depending on their needs. Here in Oregon, it is so amazing to have the ability to walk into a dispensary or shop and ask for a strain that will help you fall asleep, or one that will boost your mood and energy.

5. Legalizing Marijuana Creates a Brand New Industry

Legalizing Marijuana Creates a Brand New Industry

Legalizing Marijuana Creates a Brand New Industry

The legal marijuana industry is just getting started and offers a more even playing field for men and women who hope to invest, create new business, using reliable wholesale glass pipes and other supplies providers and be the leaders of marijuana-related companies.

Today, people have more opportunities than ever before. They are skilled and determined to shine within this new business arena.

Even women who don’t consume cannabis should be looking at the new legal cannabis industry with open, and eager eyes. There’s no reason you can’t get involved with the business side of the fastest growing industry in the US.

Weed is lucrative, and judging on history, the demand for weed is not going away. Business-minded people in the Midwest, the South, the Northeast – wherever they live – should be pushing for legal cannabis, and all the career and investment possibilities that come along with it.

6. A Highly Profitable Option for Cultivators

An acre of weed farm can yield more than $1.2, if the average price is $2,000 per pound. On the other hand, the most widely grown crops in the US, such as wheat, oats, soybean, and corn usually yield less than $1,000 per acre on average. So, if marijuana is legalized, it will be a highly profitable option for cultivators.

7. Community Benefits of Cannabis – Boosting Tax Revenue

Community Benefits of Cannabis - Boosting Tax Revenue

Community Benefits of Cannabis – Boosting Tax Revenue

If you aren’t looking to get involved with the new cannabis industry, you should think about the community benefits that come along with the legalization of marijuana.

Your community will likely be safer, there will likely be more tax money available for schools and other public services, and the potential for economic development that comes along with a new industry is incredibly far-reaching.

The Congressional Research Service claimed that replacing weed prohibition with taxation and regulation could generate about $6.8 billion in excise taxes alone! In 2020, tax collection on marijuana sales was nearly $600 million in a single US state – Washington.

The legal weed industry offers new aspirants an almost blank canvas. It’s up to you whether you want to grab a brush, or just sit back and let the people paint another picture the way they’ve imagined it.

8. Cannabis Arrests Ruin Millions of Lives

According to the FBI, over 15 million Americans have been arrested and subjected to the criminal justice system on suspicion of violating marijuana prohibition laws in the US since 1995. Convicts were deprived of several benefits, such as getting student loans, food assistance, housing, driving license, and even securing a job. Legalized weed use will save the US citizens from all such hassle.

9. Reported Cases of Racial Discrimination When Enacting Marijuana Prohibition Laws

According to the stats provided by the ACLU, despite similar rates of marijuana use, black Americans are 3.5 times more susceptible to arrests and penalties than their white counterparts.

10. Likelihood of Violence

Likelihood of Violence

Likelihood of Violence

Dealing in marijuana has become a lucrative business. If this market is run underground, there are chances of violence, as was the scene during alcohol prohibition.

11. Adverse Environmental Effects

Illicit marijuana cultivators sometimes use banned pesticides, divert waterways, and dispose of hazardous waste in national parks. If it becomes a legal business, the government will monitor it to ensure compliance with environmental laws.


What are 3 possible positive reasons that marijuana should be legalized?

According to the National Library of Medicine, 3 possible positive reasons for the legalization of marijuana are: (1) fewer and milder adverse effects, (2) criminal penalties do more harm to cannabis users than good, and (3) legalization of marijuana will pave the way for its better regulation and taxation.

What are the effects of legalization of marijuana?

Alongside its benefits, legal marijuana does have some potential effects: (1) increased availability, social acceptance, and lower prices will promote adolescent consumption of this drug, (2) with legalization, new formulations of marijuana, such as edible and vaporized, with higher potencies will be introduced with damaging repercussions.

Why do Democrats want to legalize marijuana?

Democrats and Republicans are divided on the matter of the legalization of cannabis. Democrats are in favor of the legal use of recreational marijuana, as it is considered normal by social standards.

On the other hand, Republicans oppose legalizing medical cannabis, as they want physicians to prescribe alternative painkillers to patients.

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