The Art of Cloning Cannabis

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August 8, 2020
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August 19, 2020

The Art of Cloning Cannabis


Yes, ‘cloning’ cannabis is a thing (if you didn’t know already). And no, it’s not some experiment that’s conducted in a laboratory where you can receive step-by-step details from someone dressed like Bill Nye.

Now, I won’t go ahead and get into a detailed definition of ‘cloning cannabis’, because, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. (Cloning = the process of producing something genetically identical.) However, though it may seem relatively easy to define, there are two specific methods to go about the process. Both of which may be useful depending on how you want to approach it. So, in order to help you get down to the nitty-gritty, let me take the time to explain the two methods you can go about on doing so.

The Art of Cloning Cannabis
  1. The first method: Mating

    Like most things, you can clone a cannabis plant by breeding a female with a male through pollination instead of planting seeds. This process will eventually produce another set of seeds which can then be planted to create a genetic hybrid of the parent plants you mated Cool, right?

  2. The second method: Cloning

    This approach is specified through cloning – also known as asexual reproduction. Completely different from the previous method. Essentially, you will be cutting from the root of the original plant itself instead of mating a female and male. The process of cutting a marijuana plant will then produce a genetically identical one. This is what differentiates a cloned cannabis plant from one that has been created from pollination reproduction.

    Since the cannabis plant you cloned is identical to its original, you would essentially be re-planting a marijuana tree with the same characteristics. In essence, you’d be harvesting a multitude of the same plants that perform at the same caliber.

Though it may sound technical it is nonetheless interesting, (trust me, I was blown away and I just found out this was a thing a few days ago) and cloning cannabis is probably one of the cheapest ways to help grow your garden. By choosing to buy the best clones for sale you’ll be able to save money and time instead of wasting your time and days planting new seeds.

In addition to keeping a little change in your pocket, that plants that would grow by way of cloning would guarantee the best characteristics of the most popular plant in your garden. By cloning, you can even model your plants to a specified flavor profile depending on which one satisfies you the most.