Pros & Cons of Using Super Soil for Cannabis Grow

Top Three Mistakes That Cannabis Growers Make
Top Three Mistakes That Cannabis Growers Make
September 15, 2021
Understanding Cannabis Topicals
Understanding Cannabis Topicals
September 27, 2021

Pros & Cons of Using Super Soil for Cannabis Grow

How Does Biochar Help Clones Grow

How Does Biochar Help Clones Grow

Want to grow your next batch of clones in a ‘living soil’ with beneficial microbial life, optimum pH, balanced nutrients? Go with super easy to use super soil for smoother flowers, better smell and flavor, and more yield.

Offering a best soil mix, super soil will take care of your cannabis grow from seed or clone to harvest.

A mix of 100% organic components, this type of soil contains living microbes to create an ecosystem similar to the one you can find in nature.

Did you know? Soil is the most important aspect of your marijuana clone’s life cycle, apart from water and sunshine. Nutrient-rich organic soil provides the right amount of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, during different parts of their growth cycle.

You can make your own super soil with organic homemade or store-bought products.

When it comes to talking about soil, a lot of new growers’ eyes glaze over. Yes, it might not seem exciting right out the gate, though we promise we can change your mind about soil if you stick with us. Soil is one of the most important parts of your growing operation.

What is Super Soil?



Super soil (or SubCool’s super soil) is a type of organic soil for cultivating cannabis indoors. Sub Cool, a legend in the marijuana world, released his super soil recipe specifically for growing weed. 

Now super soil is recognized as a high-quality organic fertilizer that is widely produced and used to maximize the potency, quality, and yield of cannabis crops.

A superior quality super soil that’s well-mixed and composted will provide your feminized seeds or clones with all the nutrients they need throughout their growth cycle (rooting, vegetation, flowering, and harvest, etc.).

You might see soil as that massive bag of brown from your local home improvement store. We ask you to get that predisposition of soil out of your head, as while it is the easiest and most economical way for new growers to get started, there are far better forms of super soil that you can find in stores today.

Why Should You Go Organic?

You get a much higher-quality product when you decide to grow your cannabis organically. While chemicals can seem helpful, you often risk burning and killing your plants. With so many great recipes for super soil online, it makes sense to try it out.

Subcool created the very first recipe for super soil and it still remains one of the best on the market today.

10 Benefits of Growing Cannabis in Super Soil

1. An All-in-One Growth Medium – You’ll Only Need to Water Your Cannabis Plants



Using the correct recipe, you can create an all-in-one organic growth medium that’s almost identical to the soil where marijuana plants thrive in nature.

Such a ‘super medium’ will provide your plants with everything they’ll need in their lifetime. You’ll only need to water your plants!

2. Easier to Cultivate

Being a ready-to-use medium, super soil requires significantly less work than growing in other media. 

So, it’s easier to grow medium, with a balanced mix of nutrients, correct pH, and everything else your weed plant will ever need, except water. That is, all you need is make sure to keep the roots of your plants wet with a good source of water.

3. Better Processing & Absorption of Nutrients



Super soil is a living soil that teems with beneficial microbial life. Numerous bacterial and fungal species, present in this soil, help weed plants better process and absorb nutrients. It improves your plants’ well-being.

4. Disease Resistance

The beneficial microbial life present in super soil can fight against pathogens, reducing the risk of diseases.

5. Improved Root Health

Microorganisms present in your super soil will go toe to toe against infections like root rot, significantly promoting root health of your weed plants.

6. Well-Suited for Indoor, Outdoor Cultivation



If correctly done, the super soil you produce will work great no matter the growing environment. If organic growing is important to you, use it in both indoor and outdoor cultivation of cannabis.

Being an extremely versatile growing medium, super soil is considered as the best soil for growing marijuana clones both indoors and out. 

When cultivating outdoors, clear out any leftover roots and soil from the area that you’ll fill with this organic soil. Otherwise, you may end up with unwanted extra nutrients and microbes.

7. Environmentally-friendly Growing Method

Being an all-in-one nutrient-mix, super soil does not require costly, harsh inorganic fertilizers or additives. This makes it an environmentally-friendly cannabis growing medium. Plus the final weed product will be covered in resin and smell like heaven.

8. Better Smell & Flavor

Want to get the best-flavored weed from your crop? When growing in super soil, you can get the best-tasting marijuana. When you are not using any synthetic salts or fertilizers, the end result is a tasty, sweet-smelling, and easy to smoke weed.

9. Optimum pH

Using synthetic nutrients makes it essential to regulate pH of the root zone. When you don’t use them, your cannabis clones might face difficulty in absorbing nutrients. So, what should you do? Go with the third option – use super soil. It provides an ecosystem that is well-balanced and self-regulated for pH.

10. Eliminate Need for Flushing

Regular cannabis growers will better know that they need to flush synthetic nutrients out of their plant’s root zone before harvest. A medium, like super soil, that doesn’t use synthetic nutrients will eliminate the need for flushing.

Picking The Right Amendments for Your Super Soil

It is also surprisingly easy to make your own super soil, and might even end up costing you less to do so. Plus, making your own soil will excite you far more than a giant plastic bag from your local home improvement store.

Once you have a good idea of the soil you are using, you may need to add amendments to compensate for the things that it is missing.

Should I Make My Own Super Soil

Growing plants need a few things to thrive, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.

For nitrogen-rich materials, we highly recommend:

  • Crustacean meal
  • Worm castings
  • Bat guano

For phosphorus-rich materials, we highly recommend:

  • Chicken manure
  • Bone meal
  • Rock dust

For potassium-rich materials, we highly recommend:

  • Wood ash
  • Compost
  • Kelp Meal

Once you have added everything, make sure that you adequately mix your soil by tilling it. Do this every two to three days and begin using your soil once it is cool to the touch.

What are the cons of super soil?

  • Expensive:


It can be hard to find high-quality natural ingredients for cannabis. So, it can be expensive to get started.

  • Time-taking Preparation:
Time Taking

Time Taking

Making your own super soil from scratch will take from 1 to 2 months.

  • Slightly Slower Growth Rate: You may notice slower growth from your cannabis plants.


What Makes Soil So Important?

One of the keys to optimizing your weed growth is soil. Soil is life. With organic super soil, you give your plants the organisms they need to grow taller and stronger. Even a shot glass filled with super soil has more organisms in it than there are humans on planet Earth.

These organisms work day in and day out to provide the soil with the life it needs to sustain plants. People often over-complicate with synthetic nutrients. When the soil that you create is right, all you will need to do is give it a bit of water.

Is Super Soil worth it?

Yes! Super soil is considered as the best medium for cultivation, with a very nutrient-dense soil concentrate. This medium neither causes nutrient deficiency nor subjects your plant to nutrient burn. It makes cultivation more productive and hassle-free.

What do you need to make super soil?

Below are the 8 main nutrients to make super soil. 

  1. Nutrient-rich base soil.
  2. Feather meal with slow release nitrogen
  3. Fish meal or bone meal for heavier phosphorus
  4. Great white microbes
  5. Kelp meal to feed microbial life
  6. Filter to filter water
  7. 5-gallon bucket for mixing ingredients
  8. Earthworm castings

How do you make super soil cheap?

To make super soil cheap or inexpensive, use these easily available ingredients:

  • Potting soil – 7 cubic feet
  • Worm casting – 12 to 25 lbs
  • Blood meal, bat guano, & feather meal – 2.5 lbs each
  • Bone meal and fish meal – 1.25 lbs each
  • Oyster shell and kelp meal – 1.5 cubs each
  • Azomite – 1 cup
  • Epsom salt – 1/2 cup
  • Mycorrhizae – 1 tbsp

What is the best soil for super soil?

High-quality organic potting soil and forest soil are the best soils to produce super soil. 

A surefire sign that your cannabis plant is in the flowering stage is that it is getting fatter with the rapid growth of buds. Another sign is that odor will become more intensive and pungent.

Need More Help?

Have questions regarding the pros and cons of super soil for your cannabis grow? Or want to buy high-quality marijuana clones to grow in your home? Just get in touch here at Big Daddy Clones! We are a phone call away at  877-262-6192.