Should I Harden My Clones?

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Should I Harden My Clones?

Should I Harden My Clones?

Should I Harden My Clones?

When you start your clones out, it is essential that you provide them with total care and attention. In doing so, you’ll allow them to adjust better to the new environment. Remember, the roots of your clones are extremely delicate. It takes them quite a bit to get acclimated. If you don’t care for your roots properly, you will deal with their deterioration. When plants deteriorate, they are not able to take in water or food.

There are many growers out there that start growing their clones in an indoor environment. The beauty of growing indoors is that monitoring pests and temperature is much easier. Prior to transitioning your clones into the outdoor environment, you must make sure that you harden your plants so that you can protect them from stunted growth, shock, or sudden death.

So yes, the process of hardening is quite important and requires quite a bit of pateinece.

So What Is Hardening?

There are two main components to think about when hardening your plants:

  • Adjusting your plants to the new environment when they become exposed
  • Acclimating your plants to both dark cycles and direct sunlight.

One of the best methods for hardening your plants is protecting the roots during the gradual sun exposure process. When hardening your plants and prepping them for the outdoors, you need to be very mindful of the potential dangers from the natural elements, including:

  • Harsh sunlight
  • Heavy rain
  • High winds
  • Ground vs Container Transplantation
  • Pests
  • Pathogens
  • Humidity
Should I Harden My Clones?
Should I Harden My Clones?

When starting the hardening process out, it is very important that you watch your timing. If you put your plants outside too early or too late during the process, you could stunt their development or kill them completely, especially if the temperature is much too cold.

For example, in the American southwest, there is sunlight available for 14.5 hours each day. However, in the northern states, such as Alaska, you might have up to 20 hours of sunlight every day. The point that we’re trying to make is you need to take your location into account when you expose your seedlings to direct sunlight.

When planning out your hardening process and schedule, it is very important to make sure that you don’t have any insects or animals with access to the plants.

Creating Strong Cannabis Plants With Hardening

Looking to build some seriously strong plants for your harvest?

You might want to consider hardening your plants before you bring them outdoors. Of course, it is just as important that you have quality clones for hardening as well.

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