Sativa Vs. Indica

CBD Affect Mental Health
How Does CBD Affect Your Emotional/Mental Health?
June 25, 2021
Indica Hybrid Strains
Indica Hybrid Strains
June 26, 2021

Sativa Vs. Indica

Sativa Vs. Indica

Sativa Vs. Indica

Before we start, we’d like to provide you with a bit of a mnemonic device. An Indica strain puts you “in da couch.” The way that a Sativa affects your mind and body vs. an Indica is very noticeable. With so many different cultivars out on the market now, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best clones choice for you.

What Is Sativa?

Sativa or Sativa-dominant hybrid strains are made to provide an energizing effect for the users. If you want to feel focused, yet get rid of unnecessary stress or anxiety, a sativa can be a great choice. Sativa strains are wonderful for those who want to introduce a bit of creativity into their lives as well.

While you still feel a head high when smoking Sativa, it creates an unusually clear state of mind for a lot of people.

Effects of Sativa

There are several effects that come from smoking Sativa and it varies by person. The most common effects are the ones that we already described, though it is also worth noting that Sativa strains are great for helping with anxiety and depression as well.

If you want to get things done around the house, enhance your creativity, or focus on any tasks at hand, you might considering using Sativa.

Some very common Sativa strains include:

● Lemon Haze
Sour Diesel
● Jack Herer

What Is Indica?

Indica plants typically have fatter leaves. More often than not, they are purple in color. Compared to Sativa plants, which are much lankier, Indica plants are often short and fat. Due to the never-ending genetic variation in the cannabis industry, it is almost impossible to find a pure Indica nowadays.

However, even if you have an Indica-dominant strain, you will feel a bit more intoxicated when smoking it. Indica gives users a body high, which can help with sleeplessness or irritability.

Sativa Vs. Indica

Effects of Indica

There are many reasons why people decide to smoke Indica. If you’re ever feeling sleepless or unable to relax, Indica can help. In general, you can expect to feel tranquil when smoking Indica. If you need to forget about all of the worries of the day, smoking Indica is a great choice.

We also highly recommend Indica for pain management. Indica is used a lot to reduce both pain and nausea. For those who experience loss in appetite often, Indica can help fuel your hunger.

Some very common Indica strains include:

● Bubba Kush
● Northern Lights
● Kosher Kush
● Granddaddy Purple

Picking The Right Strain For Your Needs

Picking between a Sativa or Indica strain doesn’t have to feel confusing. Remember this little guide so that you can find the right type of marijuana for your needs.

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