Purple Punch Strain

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July 24, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Purple Punch Strain


Purple Punch is a highly potent Indica strain dominant marijuana strain that is to be noted for the smoothness of the delivery.  It does provide for a sedative high that does last long enough to be savored in full.  The strain does have an 80% Indica dominance and is to be noted for the fast occurring onset of action soon after the use.  Most people prefer the Purple Punch to provide for the end of day relaxation which involves more than just the physical unwinding.

Purple Punch Strain for Sale

Purple Punch Strain for Sale

There is a very physical side to the intake of the Purple Punch, and it does provide a sufficient amount of numbness of the mind too.  The 18-20% THC makes the strain one of the strongest to be had, but at the same time, it is not at all overwhelming at all.  With the use of the Purple Punch, it is possible to slip into a quiet stupor and with little lingering after effects, like a bitter taste or a heaviness of the head.

Benefits of the Purple Punch Strain 

The high level of Indica component in the strain does provide for one of the smoothest feelings to those using the Purple Punch.  It can induce a calm sleep in those individuals with insomnia and can even restore a lost appetite.  The marijuana strain can be used for a reasonable duration to ensure that the good effects are given time to act on the body.

It is to be noted that quite unlike the typical rush that a joint provides, the Purple Punch does stay a lot longer in the body.  Both in the effects created as well as the feeling of goodness that sweeps over the person.  The strain of marijuana clone is to be noted for the overall tranquilizing impact that it has on the user.

What defines the Purple Patch?

The very appearance of the marijuana defines the Purple Patch.  With the trichomes covering the large purple buds, the strain does have its characteristic look.  Then there is the sweet and robust odor that stands out in its stickiness more than anything else.  It must be said of the Purple Patch that it does make a unique presentation and user experience as well.

Cannabis as a whole does have a strong aroma, and with the Purple Patch, the deep scent is what sets it apart from the rest of the offering.

Medical benefits of the Purple Patch

People often consider cannabis as a narcotic.  True, many countries ban outright the possession of marijuana, and there are now moves to make available the substance in a controlled manner as there are some medicinal properties to the plant.  World over, there is a call for making the use of medicinal marijuana legal thus providing relief to the suffering patients and the convalescence.

Of all the effects of the Purple Punch, the most notable medicinal properties are as set out below.

-Great overall body relaxant.  Thus the ideal choice to have when trying to do a proper unwinding after a hard day’s work.

-People on the Purple Patch make notice marked improvement of appetite.  However, the actual effect on the individual would depend a lot on the tolerance of the individual to the plant.  Most of the herbal preparations are very subjective in their action on people; thus the final effects can vary from person to person.

-This is an excellent analgesic and can form the replacement treatment for the over the counter pain medication.  It is also advantageous to have the marijuana being able to be used for some time at a single stretch.