Marijuana Farming in California

Factors to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors
September 5, 2018
A Step by Step Guide on How to Take Care of a Clone
September 5, 2018

Marijuana Farming in California


Marijuana Farming in California

California residents can now breathe a sigh of relief after the enactment of laws that legalize the growing and use of marijuana both for medicinal and recreational purposes. The rules permit the growth of up to six plants of cannabis at home either outdoor or indoor. However, this new front needs to be regulated; otherwise, there will be an abuse of this privilege. Before one can think of growing marijuana plants either for their own or business use, they ought to familiarize themselves with the following rules.

  1. One should be an adult with a minimum age of 21 years.

Same as alcohol use, growing and use of cannabis are set only for adults who are considered to be responsible for their actions.

No underage is allowed to either grow or use marijuana.

  1. No grower should grow more than six marijuana plants in their farms.

This being the latest amendment to the laws, it restricts the growth of more than six plants in the same homestead no matter their stage of growth. Speculations say that this rule is from the environmental concern on the use of water in marijuana clones farming. Large-scale growing of marijuana would see to it that the water supply would go up.

Six plants may look small, but with proper planning, these are more than enough, you could grow, harvest and store to meet your different needs. You can thank me later.

iii.    Keep your growing to yourself.

Just because it is legal, you do not have to let everyone know you are doing it.The law stipulates that you should grow marijuana on your property and that your neighbors should not be in a position where they can spot your plants openly unless they do not mind.

  1. One ounce of marijuana is all you can take from your home.

This is where you will be required to purchase a scale if you do not already own one. Having a weighing scale at home will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. The law restricts the amount of marijuana to be taken out of one’s home at twenty-eight point five grams at any one instance. The rest of what you harvest can be safely stored in your home.

Marijuana Farming in California

Marijuana Farming in California



Why You Should Start your Marijuana Farming with Clones.

Unlike starting with seeds, clones are sure and guaranteed to be female as they are cuttings from mothers. This eliminates the hustle of identifying the female from the male plants. Clones are preferable as they let you skip the growing phase of farming. The cuts come with roots and only need to be kept in a conducive environment to ensure they grow and flower. Genetic variation will not be an issue with clones as they are identical to their mothers. This aspect of clones provides that the best qualities of the mothers are carried on to the clones. This includes disease and pest resistance.

Steps in Growing Marijuana at Home.

  1. Look for a vendor either online or from your town.

Visit different vendors and examine their marijuana clones. To stay on the clear of any foul play, while reviewing the clones, carry out the following tests:

  1. Gently try to pull the plant to make sure it is well rooted.
  2. Make sure that the color of the leaves is dark green.
  • Ensure the clone has white roots.
  1. Make sure that the leaves aren’t curled.
  2. Keep the temperature in your nursery cool. The clones will also need to be supplied with a constant supply of clean air. You could use fans for this.
  3. Use the right PH level for the water used in watering the plants. Growing the clones on soil and hydroponic medium will require different PH ranges.
  4. Growing the Marijuana plants indoors will need you to provide lighting. You could use fluorescent light in the early stages of growth. Afterward, you can switch to using high-pressure sodium lighting.
Marijuana Farming in California