How to Make Super Soil for Growing Cannabis Clones

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July 30, 2020
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How to Make Super Soil for Growing Cannabis Clones



Want to create super soil for cannabis clones that you can reutilize and grow marijuana in it without worrying about pH or adding extra nutrients from seed to harvest?

Soil might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, but we’re going to try and change that today.

Ask any great cannabis grower and they will tell you about the importance of super soil. One viable option for beginner growers for premium clones to sell is getting a pre-mixed bag from your local hardware store, though we prefer making our own super soil.

Well, it’s economical and it makes you feel like you’ve been a part of the process from start to finish. You will learn a lot about the science of soil and how the components interact with one another to create your finished product.

In all, it will make you a much better grower.

What is Super Soil for Clones?

Super soil for clones

Super soil for clones

A heavily amended organic soil that provides plants with everything they need at just the right times is called super soil.

If you mix your super soil recipe correctly, you won’t have to feed synthetic liquid nutrients throughout your weed clones’ life. Instead, you will only need to water and occasionally add dry amendments during veg and bloom periods.

Use of super soil simplifies marijuana clone growing process and mitigates the risk of over or underfeeding. You won’t even need to follow clone feeding charts.

However, make sure to precisely follow the super soil recipe, monitor water and pH, and watch for deficiencies and address them with organic dry amendments as or when needed.

Can You Reuse Super Soil?

The short answer is ‘yes’! A well-prepared super soil can last you a few years, so you can grow cannabis clones in the same soil multiple times. The microbial life in the soil continues to work, only requiring top dress for vegetation and flowering phases.

With a no-till cultivation method, your soil will work on its own for several years. Alternatively, you can re-amend it at the end of each cannabis growing cycle.

The Importance of Organic Super Soil for Clones



Soil life is one of the keys to making great organic super soil. There are tons of living organisms within great soil. In fact, one shot glass contains more living organisms than there are people alive today!

These organisms provide the soil with sustainability thanks to the nutrients they create. When your soil is good, all you need to do is add water!

Why Shouldn’t You Go with Synthetic Nutrients?

When cannabis is grown in an organic fashion, the product is of higher quality. While chemicals can sometimes be helpful, they can also kill your plants over time. Plus, there are tons of great recipes for organic super soil out there, giving you plenty to work with!

What is in soil?

Sand & Clay

Sand & Clay

You can typically find the nutrients included in soil on the plastic premix bags. Of course, when you take soil from your own yard, you can’t see those ingredients. This is why we recommend submitting your soil for testing.

Make sure to dig around and get your hands dirty too. Is your soil full of sand or clay? Is it fluffy? Is it compact? Does it have worms or insects living in it? How well does it hold moisture?

Getting the Right Materials

Once you have a better understanding of your soil, you will need to add the necessary amendments to compensate for anything it is lacking. The best way to think about this is N-P-K.

What Is NPK to do with super soil? “N” stands for Nitrogen, “P” stands for Phosphorus, and “K” stands for Potassium. You need plenty of these in your soil to get it to work optimally.

Some nitrogen-rich materials include crustacean meal, worm castings, and bat guano. Some phosphorus-rich materials include chicken manure, rock dust, and bone meal. Finally, some potassium-rich materials include compost, wood ash, and kelp meal!

You may also want to consider adding in a bit of kelp meal, gypsum, or azomite, as these can help to strengthen your soil even more! Plus, you’ll be able to create a more nuanced product in the end.

Building super soil is a wonderful investment and it brings you closer to your growing process. Make sure to get in touch with us here at Big Daddy Clones if you have any other questions regarding soil or clone purchases!


How do I make my own super soil?

Here is an easy 4-step process to make 100 gallons super soil for your cannabis clones. You can manipulate this recipe to make less or more of super soil for your needs.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients (Amendments and Supplements)

  1. Base, potting soil (14 cubic feet)
  2. Compost (12 to 25 lbs)
  3. EWC – 12 to 25 lbs (Note: Alternatively you can take 25 to 50 lbs worm castings.)
  4. Feather meal (5 lbs) – a slow, extended release nitrogen source for your cannabis clones’ whole life
  5. Blood meal (5 lbs) – a fast nitrogen source during the vegetation phase of clones
  6. Bat guano (5 lbs) – a great organic fertilizer
  7. Bone meal (5 lbs) – an excellent source of calcium and phosphorous
  8. Oyster shell (3 cups) – a sustained release calcium source
  9. Kelp meal (3 cups) – a fair dose of potassium (K) and calcium (Ca)
  10. Azomite (3 cups) – a source of fortifying and re-mineralizing soils for cannabis clones
  11. Mycorrhizae (2 tbsp) – a nutrient for rapid rooting

Step 2: Mix Ingredients

Thoroughly mix the amendments and supplements of your soil recipe.

Step 3: Damp Your Super Soil

Damp your super soil to start the activation process for the amendments and micro-organisms.

Step 4: Compost the Recipe

After a week or two of damping your super soil, and remix it until it gives the same uniform color. Put it in garbage cans or buckets to start the composing process.

After composting is complete, your super soil will be ready to grow cannabis clones.

Note: To make this recipe conform to SubCool’s cannabis super soil recipe, you’ll need to add a few more ingredients, i.e.:

  1. Coco fiber (2 kg)
  2. Rock phosphate (150g)
  3. Dolomite (65g)
  4. Humic acid (10g)
  5. Perlite (optional) (1kg)

Note: The above ingredients are for 1 gallon of super soil. You can increase them proportionately to prepare a 100-gallon soil.

What is the super soil method?

A super soil method allows you to create a sustainable, clone-friendly soil environment ahead of planting. This organic soil will supply your weed clones with nutrition throughout the entire grow cycle.

Can you plant directly into super soil?

You should plant directly into your newly prepared super soil, as you may risk subjecting your plant to nutrient burn. Super soil is a very nutrient-dense mixture, so you’ll need a light soil blend, like a seed starter mix to plant the cannabis clones in this soil.

Need More Help?

Have questions regarding making organic super soil for the cannabis clones, which will last yours? Or want to buy high-quality clones to grow in your newly created super soil? Just get in touch here at Big Daddy Clones! We are a phone call away at  877-262-6192.