How to Take Care of a Clone

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August 29, 2018
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August 30, 2018

How to Take Care of a Clone


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Care of a Clones for sale

Farmers usually prefer growing clones to any other method of cultivating marijuana.Cloning is quicker and cheaper hence a more effective way of getting genetically identical buds. Cutting ensures you get similar yields from the mother plant.  Even though cloning is cost effective and a smooth process it is tedious, and wrong handling can result to loss. Marijuana plants are so sensitive in the early stages, and special care is vital in ensuring the clones grow healthy. Ensure you inspect the cuttings before leaving the store and report any issue to the retail staff.

This article will give you tips on how to ensure the clones grow healthy and active.

  1. Lighting

Clones must be under 24 hours of light in the dispensaries. More light makes the roots grow faster. They mostly use the fluorescent or LED lighting. Artificial lighting ensures that the lighting is not as powerful as the heat and light from the sunlight. Clones should never be taken directly to intense sunlight because they are likely to suffer from shock. Clones can only be introduced to the sunlight gradually after transplant. First, you can start with the partial shade and indirect sunlight. The shade ensures the heat is moderate to prevent the clones from going into shock.
  1. Moisture

The first two weeks after transplanting checking the humidity is crucial. The plant may be too dry to support growth. If that’s the case, ensure you water the clones a couple of times a day, so they do not dry out.  In two weeks, the plant will start developing its robust roots system, and moisture will not be an issue. In case you are using a humidity dome, it is essential to be extra cautious to ensure the molds do not develop. Most domes have ventilation, which you can open when it starts being too misty.  
How to Take Care of a Clone

How to Take Care of a Clone

  1. Rooting Hormone

Rooting powders or gels are available in the grow shops.  They contain hormones that assist in the growth of the clone roots. The gel is mostly preferred than the powder because it evenly coats the plant better. Always store the powder or gel in a cool, dry place. Check the sealing of the package before purchasing.  The product comes with a useful applicator tip, which makes it easy to handle and avoid contamination.
  1. Nutrients

When the plant is in the vegetative stage, feeding the plant with the right nutrients is essential. Feed the cuttings with high-quality nitrogen fertilizer. However, one week when rooting, reduce the nitrogen level and increase the phosphorus amount. The lower quantity of nitrogen in this stage help promotes rooting in clones.  Too much nitrogen inhibits the growth of roots in the mother clone.
  1. Use of willow tree water

It is a trick that has been adopted by many marijuana growers.  Willow tree water can produce incredible, vigorous root growth within a shorter period. It applies when willow water mixes with commercial growth hormone. It is possible to make your willow water by merely visiting the closest willow tree. Locate the branches, remove the leaves and cut the stem. The stem is later chopped and placed inside a jar and soaked overnight.  The soaking water hence acts as a root growth hormone.
  1. Storing clones in the fridge

Preserving clones in a cold refrigerator is possible. The temperature in the refrigerator should be kept above 4.4 degrees Celsius because anything below may damage the plant cells. Soak the clone in cold water and transfer it in a zip lock bag. Remember to open the zip bag at least once a week to let fresh air in the bag.


Cloning has proven to be an effective way of getting a healthy harvest.  However, without proper care, this may be impossible. Make sure you have all the necessary material before you start and you will be ready to enjoy the cloning process. How to Take Care of a Clone