How to Take Care of a Clone

How Does Biochar Help Clones Grow
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August 29, 2018
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August 30, 2018

How to Take Care of a Clone

How Does Biochar Help Clones Grow

How Does Biochar Help Clones Grow

Cannabis clone care isn’t that much tough or time-consuming. You can easily nourish your new marijuana plant clones and get maximum yield by following these 10 step-by-step DIY tips.

1. Choose Clean Pots & Fresh Soil:

Clean pots & fresh soil

Clean pots & fresh soil

To create an ideal growing environment for your cannabis clones, select clean pots with proper drainage and fill them with fresh soil. Using new pots is better, as it prevents the risk of diseases or contaminants affecting your young plants. A hygienic environment will ensure their health and vigor.

2. Allow Clones to Acclimate: When you transplant your clones, it’s essential to allow them to acclimate to their new surroundings. Hold back the marijuana clones for 3-5 days. This will help reduce transplant shock and promote successful development.

3. Optimize Soil Composition: Use recently blended soil with a pH of 6 and a high nitrogen content. The pH level affects the availability of nutrients, while nitrogen content promotes healthy vegetative growth. By providing the right soil composition, you can give your clones the necessary nutrients for optimum growth and development.

4. Proper Watering Techniques:



Deep watering is essential for cannabis clones, ensuring that the roots receive adequate moisture. However, it’s equally important to maintain a constant humidity level in the soil. Avoid overwatering, as it can cause root rot and other issues. Additionally, a light top-down misting of the cannabis leaves helps keep the clones hydrated and promotes healthy transpiration.

5. Maintain Optimal Growing Conditions: Cannabis clones thrive in a conducive and stable environment. You should keep the temperature between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit (22.2 to 25.5 degrees Celsius), as this range provides optimal conditions for growth. Protect your weed plant clones from powerful winds that can cause soil and leaf drying, compromising the overall health of the plants.

6. Light for Your New Plants

Light for new plants

Light for new plants

More light makes the roots grow faster. When marijuana clones are young and tender or you have recently transplanted them, give them gentle light. Once they show signs of healthy, vigorous growth, you can gradually give them more light intensity.

Inside: Fluorescent lights and bright south-facing windows are a great choice for the first few days after transplanting. The lights should be kept 2-3 feet from the young plant. A few days after transplanting your clones, you will observe vigorous new growth. You’ll need to increase the light intensity by moving your plant within 2 inches of your fluorescent lights. 

Outside: In case you have put your clone outside, find a spot with the dappled sun (at most) for the first few days after transplanting. An hour or two of early morning sun would be enough. So, just make sure they are watered well. When your plant begins to show signs of vigorous new growth, you can gradually expose them to more intense light. The plant will show signs when it is getting too much sun. The sun is sometimes so intense that even a mature cannabis plant will benefit from some shade in the late afternoon.

7. Rooting Hormone

These hormones support gels are available on the online marketplace.  Rooting hormones assist in the growth of the clone roots. The gel is mostly preferred over the powder because it evenly coats the plant. Always store the powder or gel in a cool, dry place. Check the sealing of the package before purchasing.  The product comes with a useful applicator tip, which makes it easy to handle and avoid contamination.

8. Nutrients



When the plant is in the vegetative stage, feeding the plant with the right nutrients is essential. Feed the cuttings with high-quality nitrogen fertilizer. After one week, you can increase the phosphorus amount. The lower quantity of nitrogen in this stage help promote rooting in clones.  Too much nitrogen inhibits the growth of roots in the mother clone.

9. Use of Willow Tree Extract

The extract of a willow tree is an organic growth boost and root stimulator. It can help you produce incredible, vigorous root growth within a shorter period. This extract can also be mixed with commercial growth hormone.

10. Storing Clones in the Fridge

Preserving clones in a refrigerator is possible. The temperature in the refrigerator should be kept at 4 to 5 degrees Celsius because anything below may damage the plant cells. Soak the clone in cold water and transfer it into a zip lock bag. Remember to open the zip bag at least once a week to let fresh air in the bag.

By following these eight easy DIY tips for easy cannabis clone care, you can ensure that your clones receive the proper care and attention they need to thrive. Remember to provide your new clones with a clean environment, optimal soil composition, adequate watering, and maintaining favorable growing conditions. With these practices in place, you’ll be well on your way to successful cannabis clone cultivation.

FAQs about Marijuana Clone Care

1. How do you maintain a clone plant?

To maintain a cannabis clone plant, provide adequate lighting, water regularly, and monitor for pests or diseases.

2. What is the best temperature to grow cannabis clones?

For marijuana clones, an average temperature of 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C) and high humidity are essential. They ought to develop roots and increase their independence quickly at these temperatures.

3. Can you put clones straight into the soil?

Yes, you can put clones straight into the soil, but you should ensure the soil is well-drained and suitable for the specific needs of the clone.

4. How long can you keep clones alive?

You can keep clones alive indefinitely as long as they receive proper care, including adequate lighting, nutrients, and water.

5.How often should I mist my clones?

You should mist clones 2-3 times a day to maintain a humid environment. However, the frequency may vary based on environmental conditions.

6. When is the right time to take a clone?

When the mother plant is mature enough (about 4 to 8 weeks old), it is the right time to take a clone.

7. What is the best medium to grow marijuana clones?

Your marijuana plants’ root system forms in a nutritious growth media. You can go for pots of soil, coco coir, perlite, or Rockwool, or opt for a fully functional hydroponic arrangement. The roots of your weed plant clones will continue growing if they have access to water, nutrients, and oxygen.