How to Buy Clones Online

Clones for Sale Near Me – What to Look For
August 29, 2018
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August 30, 2018

How to Buy Clones Online


The Definitive Checklist on How to Buy Clones Online


Shipping, selling, trading, and buying marijuana clones has become big business since full marijuana legalization became effective in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, and other states.

How to Buy Clones Online

How to Buy Clones Online

When you’re on the hunt for clones for sale

There is no way to tell if the Marijuana clones the seller is selling are really the strain they claim. Unless you’re in business with somebody that is desperate to make a quick buck most sellers are more often than not honest about what strain they’re selling.

It’s often hard to get, but if possible, you should purchase marijuana clones that were taken from plants that were grown from seeds. The overall vitality, vigor, and growth of clones that were taken from plants grown from seeds remain much better than clones that were taken from other clones.


If a seller says that the marijuana clones they are selling came from marijuana plants grown from seeds, ask them if you can have a look. If not, ask them if they mind taking a close up photo of the stalk. Examining the stalk will help you verify if the marijuana clones were grown from seeds. If they won’t do that either, there is a high possibility they could be lying.


All things considered, you can’t always be sure the marijuana clones you’re buying are the strain the seller says it’s, but you can at least save yourself from purchasing marijuana clones with diseases or bugs.


If you buy clones with bugs or diseases, you may well introduce something to your garden that will consume a considerable amount of time to exterminate, for instance, powdery mildew or spider mites.


Here’s the ultimate checklist to ensure that you’re getting healthy marijuana clones:


  • All the leaves have to be green, not pale yellow or green and no burnt spots or tips.


  • The leaves must all be “straight,” not curled or twisted as an eagle’s claw.


  • The stalk is supposed to be light brown or green, not dark brown or purple.


  • Examine all marijuana clones for any grey or white spots on the stalks and leaves.


  • Powdery mildew if present, is going to be near the base of the stalk or on the top side of a leaf. Take your time and look carefully, powdery mildew can be hard to notice. Once you train your eyes to spot it though, you notice it easily.


  • Inspect under a few leaves with a magnifying glass for any bugs. Take no less than twenty seconds to let your eyes attune to the magnifying glass and satisfactorily examine what you’re looking at. Bugs and Spider mites like to hole up on the under leaves.


  • If you’re purchasing aeroponic marijuana clones or any other marijuana clones that you can see the roots on, the roots should be white, not grey, brown, beige or any other color.


When you’re buying marijuana clones you want:


  • Traceable shipping
  • Rooted in Rockwool cubes is better
  • If the seller says, the marijuana clones are “rare cuts,” get proof of genuineness for example pictures of mother plants and clones, lab testing, and genetic testing.
  • Money back guarantee
  • Developed, visible root systems
  • Affordable prices
  • Stealth and Cybersecurity shipping security
  • Secure in-person pickup
  • High-value, potent, reliable, rare strains
  • Absolutely zero viruses, diseases, pests, etc.
  • Diversity in size, genetics, and pricing




Now you know the latest insider info on shipping and buying marijuana clones! If you live in a legalized marijuana state, you can get marijuana clones from trustworthy sellers like


How to Buy Clones Online