How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need?

How To Care For Weed Clones
How To Care For Weed Clones
July 2, 2021
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Is It Important To Mist Weed Clones?
July 10, 2021

How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need?

How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need

How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need

Wondering how much light your clones need?

Giving your weed clones the right amount of light is crucial if you want to optimize their growth. If you’re curious about how much light you need to give your clones, continue reading.

Lighting New Clones

If you’re dealing with new clones, never put them under direct light until you begin to see the roots come out. Once the roots start to show themselves, you can begin gradually giving them a bit more light. As your clones continue growing, you can start giving them full light.

As for the light cycle for your plants, it is best to stick with a cycle of 18 hours on and 6 hours off. The 18 hours of light is for your clones to grow leaves that are healthy and strong. When the lights are off, the root will be allowed to grow.

 Of course, make sure that you experiment based on your location.

If your leaves begin yellowing once you give your plants full light, then try and lessen the amount of light that you are giving.

Consider this: When an unrooted clone gets light, the leaves will try to photosynthesize. However, because they are unrooted, they won’t take be able to take up any nutrients. Essentially, leaves will begin to cannibalize themselves, which will turn them yellow. Sometimes, leaves will begin cupping so that they can conserve moisture.

If you notice that this is happening to your plants, you should throw away any of the leaves that are in poor health.

How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need
How Much Light Do Weed Clones Need

When it comes to the type of light that your plants need, the best light spectrum is red and blue. Blue light is great for helping the plants root, while red light is great for helping your plant to grow and flower. When starting out, you want to use blue light more, as it will help the root grow stronger. When it comes time for your plants to photosynthesize, you will need red light.

Make sure that your lights aren’t too close to your plants, as the heat could become too much for the leaves. Your leaves will turn dry and yellow if the light is generating excessive heat because it is too close. You might choose to go with CFL lights, though you will want to make sure that you are cautious about distance and heat.

For consistent growth, we highly recommend LED lights.

Keeping It Lit!

Optimizing your clones means getting your lighting right. The process can be quite confusing, especially with so much misinformation online nowadays. Get the best clones here at Big Daddy Clones.

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