How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant?

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How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant?

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

A short answer is 2 to 8 weeks. But why is there such a big difference in the growth period? When trying to determine how long it will take to grow your marijuana plant, there are many factors to consider, such as strain, genetics, temperature, humidity, air circulation, nutrients, and pH level. In this article, you’ll learn in detail how long it will take for your seed to get to harvest, as well as the elements that influence the length of your growth time.

Note: While there are two popular methods to grow cannabis plants, the focus of this article will be on growing from seeds.

1. Growing from Cannabis Clones or Seeds, Which Is Faster?

Growers usually prefer cloning over growing from seeds to propagate new cannabis plants. When compared to growing from marijuana seeds, cloning can be faster and more efficient. By eliminating germination and a lengthy seedling stage, cloning can help you save up to a month of your time to harvest!

2. Marijuana Growth – 6-Stage Timeline in Brief

Here is a brief overview of the 6-stage timeline of cannabis growth:

  • Germinating: 1-7 days – the initial stage when the cannabis seed absorbs water and sprouts
  • Seedling: 2-3 weeks – the young marijuana plant develops its first set of leaves and grows its root system
  • Vegetative: 2-8 weeks – The weed plant grows rapidly, focusing on the development of the leaf and stem.
  • Pre-Flowering: 1-2 weeks – The plant transitions from the vegetative stage to the early period of flowering. 
  • Flowering: 6-8 weeks – The plant produces buds and enters the main flowering phase.

Harvesting – This is the final stage when the mature buds are ready for harvest and drying.

3. Pre-Stage Growth

From the second that the idea pops up in your head to grow your own marijuana to the time you’re rolling it into a joint can take anywhere from eight weeks to eight months. Due to varied growing times, many growers don’t provide specific dates for when their plants will be ready. Plus, from the setup to the size of the strain or genetic variant, there are many variables that determine how long a plant will take to grow.

If you’re growing indoors, expect the process to take anywhere from 3-5 months.

4. From Seed to Smoke

Let’s go through each of the stages so that you can see what to expect.

Day 1-7

One week is approximately how long it takes for seed germination to take place. In order to have success with your seed germination, you have to do your research to determine what type of germination is right for you.

For example, you could choose to germinate in a hydroponic chamber or in soil.

Weeks 4-8

During the 4-8-week period, your plant will be in a vegetative state. At this point, only the leaves and stems will grow. If you’re dealing with indoor plants, expect this process to take around 4-8 weeks. Seedlings will flower after about 3 weeks of germination.

If you want to produce a large plant, you might choose to let your plant vegetate for a bit longer. In the end, this will result in higher yields.

Weeks 8-10

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant
How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Marijuana Plant

During the 8-10-week period, your plant will go into the flowering stage. However, the process varies by strain. During this period, your plants will start to bud. There are many strains out there that can take months to reach maturity, in which case they can be harvested.

5. Three Signs Your Harvest Is Ready

To know if your cannabis harvest is ready, look for the following three signs.

  1. The Density of Buds: The buds increase in their firmness compared to the early flowering stage and they feel denser to the touch. Additionally, they should show a brown or purple coloration with a glossy look and feel.
  2. Leaf Color: The leaves of the plants should have transitioned to a darker shade of green, and this coloration should be consistent across the entire plant.
  3. Growth Rate: The growth rate of your marijuana plant, including stem development, should have considerably slowed down, indicating that the plant is approaching maturity.

6. How to Accelerate the Process of Cannabis Growth

There are several easy ways to expedite the growth cycle and hasten the readiness of your marijuana plants for harvesting. They include:

  1. Strain Selection: Opt for fast-flowering strains of weed that mature more rapidly than their long-flowering counterparts, reducing the overall growth time.
  2. Indoor Cultivation: Growing marijuana indoors can offer greater control over environmental conditions, enabling you to get faster growth. The setup you choose to grow your weed can also influence the speed of plant development.
  3. Nutrient Optimization: Providing your cannabis plants with appropriate nutrients enhances their growth rate, thereby resulting in quicker maturation.
  4. Regular Harvesting: By consistently harvesting your plants, you can prevent them from fully maturing and reaching their maximum potential, allowing for a quicker turnover and harvest.

7. Challenges Involved in Growing Marijuana

The risks and challenges in growing marijuana weed can be summarized as follows:

  • Time & Patience: Growing cannabis is a lengthy multi-stage process, usually lasting around 3 months from start to finish. You’ll need to pay consistent attention and care throughout this period.
  • Regular Monitoring & Care: Checking on your weed plants regularly and providing them with proper care is essential for successful growth.
  • Proper Equipment: To facilitate the growth processes, you will need various equipment such as pots, soil, lights, nutrients, CO2 generators, and a hydroponics system.
  • Conducive Growing Environment: Having a suitable indoor space is essential to ensure control over environmental conditions, allowing for optimal growth.
  • Sufficient Space: The amount of space required for growing weed depends on the chosen method. Indoor cultivation generally demands more space compared to outdoor growing.
  • Financial Investment: Growing your own cannabis will incur expenses. You will need to invest money in getting the necessary equipment and resources for the cultivation process.

8. Grow Your Own Marijuana Today!

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