How Long Do Weed Clones Take To Grow?

Indica Hybrid Strains
Indica Hybrid Strains
June 26, 2021
How Many Hours Of Light Do Weed Clones Need
How Many Hours Of Light Do Weed Clones Need?
June 28, 2021

How Long Do Weed Clones Take To Grow?

How Long Do Weed Clones Take To Grow

How Long Do Weed Clones Take To Grow

One of the main questions we always get asked here at Big Daddy Clones is,

How long will my clones take to grow?

When trying to aim for a finished harvest, you want your plants to be ready when you need them, not before or after. As you get deeper into the growing process and refine your variable, you will begin to create a symbiotic rotation with your plants in which you can have a bit of control over the growing timeline.

Typically, when people ask us how long it will take for their clones to grow, we tell them that it differs between Sativa and Indica.

Growing Sativa

Sativa often grows up to be lanky and tall with long, airy buds and internodal spacing. When it comes to growing indoors, they take quite a bit of time to finish the flowering process compared to Indica. More or less, you can expect to wait anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks for Sativa to finish flowering.

The process of symbiotic rotation is more challenging with Sativa. While you can make it happen, you have to skip the vegetative cycle. In doing so, your plants will likely not finish flowering for 12 weeks or more.

Growing Indica

Indica and Indica hybrids are wonderful adaptations, meaning they adapt to symbiotic rotation in a near-flawless manner. If you’re starting from your clone, you can expect your plant to grow up to 10-12 inches in height. Of course, the end height will depend on the internodal length and the chosen genetics.

Clones will likely take anywhere from 7 to 21 days to root, though, again, this depends on genetics and environmental conditions. When your plants reach the 12” mark, you can begin the flowering process.

Optimizing Your Weed Clones Growing Times

Creating the Right Conditions

When it comes to speeding up the process of growing, it is important to create the right conditions. Generally, you don’t want to give your clones very intense lighting. A fluorescent lighting system should be more than enough for your needs. The debate between red light and blue light is ongoing, though many people talk about success with both kinds.

We recommend going with a non-intensive 18-hour light period.

In terms of temperature, clones often prefer temperatures that sit consistently between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You might choose to connect a thermostat to your heat mat to keep tabs on the temperature in the room.

You should also aim to keep the environment fairly humid as well. Clones often prefer humidity between 90-100%.

Optimizing Your Growing Times

Our goal here at Big Daddy Clones is to give growers all the information that they need so that they can optimize their growing times.

If you have any questions regarding growing clones, give our professional staff a call at 877-262-6192 today!

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You will appreciate the difference in our clones. We look forward to working with you.