How Does Weed or CBD Affect You Emotionally

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How Does Weed or CBD Affect You Emotionally



The caricature of a stone is often portrayed in movies as the goofy, good-natured rascal that can never seem to stop giggling or getting into the pantry. Films like “Up In Smoke,” “Half-Baked,” and “Pineapple Express,” give people the idea that weed is all playful.

There is an idea out there that consuming marijuana will simply heighten your happy senses. Not many people talk about how it can impact your other emotions, which is unfortunate considering how widespread the use is.

How Does Weed Affect You Emotionally

Of course, as it turns out, weed has a very significant impact on our emotions. With decades of weed-based comedies, we’ve almost seemed to forget about that. For new marijuana users, the scary part is not knowing what to expect.

Lucy Troup, an assistant professor at Colorado State University, recently put out a study regarding the connection between emotions and marijuana use. In the study, she found that the use of cannabis can impact a person’s ability to implicitly empathize and recognize emotions in other people. Troup and her team conducted this study for two years, testing 70 volunteers from various demographics.

The volunteers that she tested were put into different categories, including chronic smokers, moderate smokers, or non-cannabis users. Of course, under Colorado Amendment 64, the use of marijuana for these volunteers was completely legal.

Troup and her teams hooked their volunteers up to an EEG machine, which tested their brain activity while they were under the influence. While hooked up to the EEG, the team would show them a variety of human faces exhibiting four specific emotions. She speaks a lot about the test results in this video here.

The bottom line was that marijuana had a HUGE impact on the emotions of these volunteers, though the way in which it affects one emotion can be very different from the next.

Because marijuana has an unfortunately dodgy past, there are new studies coming out every single day regarding this natural substance. In Troup’s eyes, the ever-growing popularity of marijuana gives her both an obligation and an opportunity. As of today, they plan to continue their research on the impacts of recreational cannabis use and how it affects cognition.

They also want to study how cannabis and CBD coffee can affect mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Understanding How Cannabis Can Affect Your Emotions

It is important to remember that cannabis is a drug and should be respected as such. Keep close tabs on how it impacts your emotions and you’ll be a much more responsible user.

One great way to ensure you’re cannabis is providing you with a positive emotional impact is to know what strain you are using. By growing your own, you have complete control over the process.

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