Growing Your Cannabis Outdoors

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September 14, 2021
Picking the Right Lights For Your Grow
Picking the Right Lights For Your Grow
September 14, 2021

Growing Your Cannabis Outdoors



One of the most cost-effective and gratifying endeavors is growing your cannabis outdoors. If you’re looking to enjoy homegrown, outdoor marijuana, read on to find out how to optimize your cultivation.

Select the Right Strain

Tropical regions are much better for Sativas, as they present longer growing seasons. Indicas, on the other hand, thrive in shorter growing seasons.

There are also plenty of hybrids out there that have been specially crafted to thrive in ultra-specific environments. It is important that you choose the strain that is suitable for your particular outdoor climate.


Many cannabis plants take anywhere between 70 and 150 days to go from seed to harvest. If you know the length of the vegetative stage, you’ll know when it is best to begin your outdoor grow. It is important to remember that plants require the most sunlight during the vegetative stage, so it is best to make sure that you are matching the vegetative stage up with the hottest time of the year.

Seeds or Clones

Because seeds are less predictable than clones, you are better off going with clones that have a good reputation for growing outdoors. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to get when you plant clones.

Finding the Right Outdoor Climate

The best temperature for cannabis growth is around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re dealing with temperatures above 85 degrees, your cannabis will grow slower. Temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit will often destroy cannabis plants.

In terms of humidity, cannabis plants like it somewhere between 50% and 55%. Any more than that and your plants might end up growing mold. Any less and they might dry up really quickly.

Containers vs. In-Ground

You need to look at the quality of your in-ground soil to determine whether or not planting in a container is necessary. When you plant weed in-ground in good soil, your plants can thrive, as good soil can expose them to healthy microbial life, such as worms.

However, if you have soil that is of poor quality, you might consider planting your cannabis in a container. Consider grow bags, which are containers covered in cloth. These types of containers have excellent drainage properties and they don’t get very hot. Compared to plastic pots, these can endure the outdoors for a very long time.


As with most plants, your cannabis wants fertile soil that drains well. Cannabis roots will absorb water and nutrients, delivering them to the rest of the system. These nutrients will then aid the plant in its growth.

You want your soil medium to be fairly crumbly, using a mixture of sand, silt, and organic matter.

Creating Strong Outdoor Cannabis Plants

Of course, the best way to begin a successful outdoor grow is with the right cannabis clones.

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