Getting your Hands on Rare Marijuana Strains.

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September 10, 2018
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September 12, 2018

Getting your Hands on Rare Marijuana Strains.


Marijuana farming in California is spreading like wildfire after its legalization, and now, everyone is looking to jump onto this bandwagon. Growing cannabis requires you to have unique strains if you expect to get higher returns in terms of profits and yields. Growing common weed plants such as super silver Haze and OG Kush will get you lower yields, not so incredible highs and the most importantly meager profits.

Getting your Hands on Rare Marijuana Strains

Getting your Hands on Rare Marijuana Strains

Top rare and expensive weed clones in the market today:

  1. Kosher Kush Marijuana cut.

This strain is the most recommended rare cut to beginner growers who are trying to find their footing. This is because the plant will do great when grown indoors and the yields are not that bad. Their clones are not that expensive, but a packet of these seeds can fetch a hundred dollars or more depending on the vendor. Kosher Kush is recommended to people who are having insomnia issues.

  1. The Gelato Marijuana Cut.

This rare cut is believed to have come from a marijuana-growing project in California, and its genetic strain is confirmed to be from marijuana plants grown from seeds. Some of the plants from which these strain were obtained from include Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies strain, Sunset Sherbet strain, Lemon Thai strain, Cherry Pie strain and Mendocino Chemwag strain. These strains make Gelato an expensive plant and its clones long sort after by many.

  1. Oracle Marijuana Cut.

Anyone who has researched on rare weed strains must have come across this legend. Oracle is said to be unique, and the most expensive sought after strain in the world whose THC levels have hit an all-time high standing at forty percent. It has not yet been revealed the plants whose strains have been used to obtain this rare strain. Oracle seeds have been sold online the best rare weed clones.

  1. Bruce Banner Marijuana Cut.

Marijuana enthusiasts living in legalized states like California and Colorado have heard of this rare strain. Bruce Banner cut is a mixture of Sativa and OG Kush strains. Growing this rare strain has given marijuana growers new trouble in producing them as the two strains used to obtain Bruce banner are not meant to exist together. This pitfall has not discouraged farmers to try growing this strain, and those who have succeeded at it have greatly reaped.

The main problem that the growers have pointed out is the fact that this strain has a variation in its phenotype.

A grower pointed out that out of eight Bruce Banner plants, all of them presented different profiles, took different times to flower, all had different smells, they tasted differently, and they all had a different high. This is not wrong, but for a grower looking to stick to only one strain, Bruce Banner might not be your best friend.

Getting Your Hands On Rare Marijuana Strains
  1. Fruity Pebbles Marijuana Cut.

This is one common strain, and it has been going around the world for the longest time. The seeds of this rare cut are sold above a thousand dollars per packet. Forget the high initial cost; if a grower can carefully grow this strain, they stand to make a whopping three thousand dollars per plant. These figures have motivated farmers to produce this rare strain mainly due to its high yields and substantial profit margins. Fruity Pebble strain is a mix of Green Ribbon strain, Tahoe Alien strain, and Granddaddy Purple strain. The unusual nature of the seeds is a sight to behold and so is the smoke, which is nothing less having a sweet tropical feel.

  1. Mango Puff Marijuana cut.

This strain is cross between OG Kush and Sativa strains. Mango puff has been known to have short flowering days of up to forty-two days. This is not the case for some of its phenotypes which can even more days to flower.

Rare Marijuana

Rare Marijuana