Factors to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

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September 5, 2018
Essentials of Marijuana Farming in California
Essentials of Marijuana Farming in California
September 5, 2018

Factors to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors


Factors to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Marijuana is one of the few plants that can regrow itself from an existing plant. If you are looking to grow a garden, there are two options.

One is through the use of seeds, which is the natural growth process while the other option is through the use of clones. You can use the outdoor method or the indoor method.

The outdoor method gives large yields but can also be very risky. Thieves and pest can be among the factors. Due to these factors, most people prefer starting the plant indoors and later moving it outdoors.

However, with adequate care and precautions, it is possible to enjoy your yields. This article explains factors to consider when starting an outdoor garden.

  1. Light

It is the first critical factor to consider before you plant.  The more direct view, the better.

Be keen on the angle of the sun over the entire year. To get the best plants, you are going to need a minimum of five hours of the mid-day sun.

In locating a greenhouse or outdoor plot, ensure you find the place where the sun shines the longest. The site should get winter sun from mid-day to mid-afternoon.

Keep in mind that most plants respond better to morning sun than afternoon sun, so when choosing between the two, the morning sun is always a better option.

For plants near the wall, ensure you paint the wall white to reflect light on the buds. It increases the yield by 10%.

  1. Security

Growing marijuana clones on your land is highly discouraged unless the area is in a remote place. Guerilla growing is advisable; it means growing outdoors away from your property where people hardly roam around.

Growing marijuana faces a lot of threats from suspicious neighbors and hikers. Finding a secure location is critical. You should avoid places with recreational roads and heavy traffic.

When visiting your garden always take a different path each time you enter or exit. You should also wear disp

Factors to Consider when Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Factors to Consider when Growing Marijuana Outdoors

osable shoes to cover your footprints.  It is important to avoid planting your clones in one spot In case of theft, and this will ensure you have another location to fall back on.

  1. Water

Water is another significant factor when determining a grow site. You should look for a location with fresh, clean water nearby. It allows irrigation and makes watering easier.

The only disadvantage to this is that people are attracted to water sources like rivers and streams, and many people may reside in that area.

In a location where a source of water is available, ensure you have large barrels or buckets for collecting enough rainwater. Watering the marijuana in the morning is highly advised.

On the flip side, watering at night increases the chances of the marijuana developing molds. Make sure the watering equipment is hidden and the barrels slightly buried.

  1. Soil

Good soil does not have to be expensive, but it should have good results. It should have good drainage and have a pH of 6.5.

Low pH soil can be raised by adding hydrated lime to the ground while adding sodium carbonate to the earth lowers high pH soil.

You should also look around to ensure the place is fertile. The surrounding area should have green vegetation, which is a sign of fertile land.

  1. Pest

Growing marijuana outdoors suffers a big hurdle from pests. Snails, caterpillars, leaf-eating insects and slugs are likely to attack the plant when it is still young.

Predators like lions, bears, and tigers also love to feed on the marijuana.  Make sure you use pesticides to get rid of pests like caterpillars and put up a fence to keeping predators away from the garden.


With enough sunlight, good soil and adequate water it is possible for you to enjoy your harvest. Ensure you follow the above instructions for a good harvest.

Factors to Consider When Growing Marijuana Outdoors