Factors to Consider Before Flowering Marijuana Plants

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September 10, 2018
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September 10, 2018

Factors to Consider Before Flowering Marijuana Plants


Growing cannabis plants is one thing, and harvesting is another. Timing when budding is crucial and can make or break a good harvest. Whether you are growing your plants outdoor or indoor, it is important to come up with a schedule that controls how you harvest the mature buds. Coming up with a precise harvesting schedule is important, and it is influenced by several variables some of which we will look.

These include:

  1. The strains you are growing in your space.
  2. Are you are germinating the plants inside or outside?
  3. The style you use to sprout the plants.

Apart from the three, other variables will also be looked. When we are done, you will be best equipped on when to start flowering your marijuana plants.

Time Taken by the Plants in During the Vegetative Growth.

Time is one of the primary metrics used to decide when to flower marijuana plants. This refers to the time from when the marijuana plant has been exposed to eighteen or twenty-four-hour lighting.

Clones are said to have begun their vegetative growth from the minute they produce their roots and also the point when they have been implanted into the growth medium of choice. Clones are potted the minute they are at least six inches in height.

Many Clones of the same strain can grow at different rates so do not be surprised when one is lagging behind. This can be explained by the speed of root development of the various plants. Other factors that can influence their growth are light intensity, variations in temperatures, soil and water PH among other factors. Make sure that these are kept at a constant so that you can flower all your plants at the same time.

Marijuana plants grown from seeds may present difficulties when measuring the time of growth of your premium clones online. The most widely used technique by growers is marking week one the point which the crop sprouts out of the soil. Another method suggests marking week one the point in which the plant grows its first set of leaves. These variations make marijuana farming using seeds a bit confusing, and that’s why clones are mostly recommended.

Factors to Consider Before Flowering Marijuana Plants

Factors to Consider Before Flowering Marijuana Plants

The height of the plants.

One of the principal and apparent factors to consider when you are about to flower your cannabis plants. This is one of the factors that will guide most of the growers be it a newbie or an experienced professional grower. Bring into play other factors like light intensity and time of growth; height will be the primary guiding factor to tell when to flower the plants. Height is obtained by measuring the growth medium and the highest point of the marijuana plant.

Growing Rooms in Cases of Indoor Farming.

The size of your room will affect and determine the maximum height you can grow your marijuana plants. No matter the height of your space, the important distance is that between the growing medium and the bottom of your lighting. However, it is important not to grow your plants too close to the light as that may burn the crops and in some extreme cases start fires.

Marijuana Strains Being Grown.

The strains a grower is growing will determine the plant’s height, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with their different characteristics. Find out the different genetic variations of the strains you are growing as they have various features. An example is that between Sativa and Indica strains which display entirely different characteristics as compared to other common strains.

Style of Growth.

Different growers will apply different styles in growing their marijuana plants. This aspect plays a significant role in advising the grower when to start flowering the plants. Some of the commonly used techniques are:

  1. Super Cropping.
  2. Lollipopping.

iii.    Sea of Green.

  1. The screen of Green.

The above styles are different and marijuana plants grown using the various techniques will by flowered at different time intervals.