Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online

Buy Weed Clones Online
August 30, 2018
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September 5, 2018

Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online


Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online

Marijuana has been fully legalized in many states in the US and Canada as well. The growing, buying, selling, trading and shipping of cannabis plants and products has experienced rapid growth thanks to its legalization.

Different from before, dealing marijuana is becoming lucrative, and many people are turning to this new business venture. Whether you are looking to start farming or you are only looking to buy some plants for your personal use, it is important to familiarize yourself with the online cannabis clone markets.

Clones are better than seeds as they give a guaranteed outcome.One will not have to go through the tedious process of identifying male plants from female. A cut taken from a female plant is a guaranteed female clone.

The other advantage of using clones is that they allow the farmer to jump the germination phase of the plant. The farmer will tend for the plant, and within no time it will flower and produce buds. Clones allow the farmer to cut stems from them which can be used to replicate the mother clone into other healthy clones.

Clones will inherit all of the good qualities from their mothers; this includes immunity from diseases and pests.

Everything you Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online

Everything you Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online

Many beginners or already established growers looking to buy clones online are looking for:

  • Clones that guarantee to return their initial investment and also rake in profits.
  • Plants whose mothers have rare and potent strains.
  • Clones that are free from any diseases.
  • Plants that have not been attacked by pests and bugs.
  • Clones that have diversity in their pricing as well as genetics.
  • Cuttings that have well grown and developed root systems.
  • Clones that have white roots instead of brown or any other color.
  • Bargaining power on the clone’s prices.
  • Websites that are secure to ensure their transactions are kept secret and cannot be accessed by any third party.
  • A vendor who will assure transportation of the clones to their farms securely.
  • A system where the buyer can track their seedlings while they are on transit to their farms.
  • A vendor who will give proof of their clones’ rare strains by performing genetic testing as well as keeping photographs of the mothers, which the clones were cut from.

Important Tips.

A vendor will invite you to their farm to show you how they grow their plants. It is important to have information before the visit. Cannabis clones are bought from vendors in three sizes: infants, teenagers, and adults. Infant clones are those with a leaf set of between three to five, several white roots and with a height of not more than seven inches tall.

Teenagers are clones with several sets of leaves that are more than five, fifteen inches in height and have a well-developed thick root system. Adult clones are developed, some will almost be flowering, and due to their developed root system, most of them will be potted.

Mainstream strains will have different prices depending on where you get the clones from. Most vendors will value infant strains at ten dollars, infant strains between fifteen to twenty-five dollars and mature adults will go for twenty-five to fifty dollars.

Some of these common strains include:

  • OG Kush.
  • Bubba Kush.
  • Pink Kush.
  • Purple Kush.
  • Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Grape Ape.
  • Blue Dream.

Rare clone cuts are expensive, but the then the returns will be high if the plant is well-taken care off. Be cautious though when purchasing the rare cuts as the market is full of numerous fake vendors. Any vendor who will ask for vast sums of money claiming to have a rare clone, make sure they provide enough proof to go with the plant they are selling.

In conclusion, when purchasing a clone, be sure to insist on a plant that is cloned from the third generation of its mother. This is the stage where the best qualities of that strain begin to be noticed.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Buying Clones Online