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If you’re on the hunt for marijuana clones for sale online, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide you with an unparalleled experience when it comes to discovering and buying your favorite recreational or medical marijuana products. Our friendly staff and assorted range of products make all the difference.

When you buy marijuana clones for sale with us, you are guaranteed to receive the best value that we have to offer.

Marijuana clones use cuttings from a mother plant to yield a genetically identical plant. Since marijuana strains are so unique when it comes to potency, attributes, and yield, using clones makes sure that you will always know what you’re getting.

For those looking for a more scientific explanation, marijuana cloning is a technique of propagation by means of asexual reproduction through cutting and rooting a shoot of a mother plant.

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on’t needlessly risk time or money growing marijuana clones from illegitimate sources, like Weedmaps, or Craigslist to save a few bucks.


Experience is definitely the best teacher, and our growers have lots of it. Our experience allows us to provide some of the most premium marijuana clones available from a diverse selection of well-sourced strains.

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We have invested a lot in this process to classify and grade the “purity” of marijuana genotypes; the most effective phenotypes are well looked after.

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What do good clones look like?

High-quality clones are generally a few inches tall with a good root system to feed a plant with several healthy, green leaves. The healthier and bigger clones are, the better their chances of survival and the earlier you’ll be able to get additional clones from them.

Shopping for marijuana clones can be as simple as driving up to a retail store in some states where marijuana is legal for recreational or medical use.

What are clones?

Clones are the clippings from a plant that have been bred to the point of an established, independent root system. When a clone re-roots itself and grows to maturity, it preserves the genetic mix of the plant from which it originated, ensuring consistency over time.

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