Clones, Teens, and Seedlings – What’s The Difference?

Is It Worth It To Buy Weed Clones?
Is It Worth It To Buy Weed Clones?
July 20, 2021
The Importance of Picking the Right Soil For Your Clones
The Importance of Picking the Right Soil For Your Clones
July 22, 2021

Clones, Teens, and Seedlings – What’s The Difference?

Clones, Teens, and Seedlings - What’s The Difference?

Clones, Teens, and Seedlings - What’s The Difference?

There are different types of cannabis configurations that you’ll find when shopping and understanding the differences between them is crucial. Come with us as we explore the differences between clones, seedlings, and teens.


Clones are unique, as they are cut from the plant of the mother. The cool thing about clones is that they have roots, which are recently grown. When you get clones, you will see the roots protruding from the cube of rockwool. There are two main types of clones that you will find out there, including premiums and heartlets.

Premium marijuana clones are much larger, typically around six inches in height. Heartlets, on the other hand, are small, typically around 4.5 inches in height. Both premiums and heartlets come from the same stock, meaning you will get the same genetics when using either.

Clones are some of the most versatile growing mediums on the market and grow well in just about any environment.


Teens are clones that have matured. We typically refer to clones that are anywhere from three to four weeks old as teens. Teens are typically well-established. Because of the reduced vegetative period that they require, they are a great choice for cultivators, offering insane value.

There are many benefits to buying teens, including:

● Reduced veg time
● Trying out new strains
● Growing larger plants faster
● Maximizing harvests for year-round growth
● Filling space later on during the grow season


A lot of growers start out with seedlings. Seedlings are much different from clones in that you grow them in their own taproot. For those who are unaware, the taproot is the small white tendril that pops out of your seedling when it first roots. The taproot will continue growing longer and longer until it forces the seed through the surface of your soil.

When this happens, the first leaves will start growing.

Avoiding Transplant Shock

Whether you are transplanting a clone or a seedling, transplanting can put quite a bit of stress on your plant. If things don’t go as planned during the transplanting process, you might end up damaging the roots. Your leaves might wither and yellow, ultimately dying and falling off.

Your entire plant might die of trauma if the shock is serious.

Picking the Right Medium For Your Needs

If you’re ready to buy your first batch of clones, teens, or seedlings, we can help you decide which ones are right for you.

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