Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds

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Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds

Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds

Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds

If you plan to grown your own cannabis, whether one plant or more, there are multiple ways that you can go above it. You can start by either cloning or growing from a seed. Both of these growth processes have their own pros and cons, which we want to go over in this article.

Growing Cannabis Starting With Clones

There are many reasons why you might choose to grow from clones. It’s a very quick method when it comes to cultivation. The great thing about cannabis clones is that they are already germinated. All they need is to take root. One of the main benefits of growing with clones is that they are very economical.

You spend far less time waiting for your plant to mature when growing from a clone, meaning the harvest is much quicker. If you are planning on selling your plants, then you know you get your product faster and spend more time on marketing it.

With clones, you also have a better idea of how your plant will turn out in the end. Clones are predictable in terms of the buds that they will produce. When it comes to harvesting plants, this is a very good thing. You always have an idea of the cannabis that you are getting.

One other major benefit of growing cannabis from clones is that you can start with a pest-resistant parent and get the same pest resistance for the clone that you choose.

If your plan is resistant to bugs, you will get a much better harvest in the end.

Growing Cannabis From Seeds

Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds
Cannabis Clones Vs. Seeds

When you decide to grow cannabis with seeds, you will pick between two different types of seed strains, including stable and unstable. As the name suggests, stable strains have the same qualities in their lineage. The breeder or the grower will begin with a male and female plant, breeding them until they get the qualities in the plant that they desire. The new plant that they get will most likely have all of the same traits that you desire, as well as some other genetic variations.

Unstable seeds might produce full-grown plants faster than stable seeds, though they will not be consistent comparatively. You won’t know what traits you will get or how the quality of your harvests will look.

Which Should I Choose?

Seeds often take far more time and patience to grow compared to clones, which is why we often recommend clones for beginner growers. Of course, both have their pros and cons, and understanding each is important for making your final decision.

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