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August 30, 2018
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Buy Weed Clones Online


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Most cannabis growers are interested in getting high yields from their crops rather than bothering to know the genetics of the mother plants. A farmer wants to be sure that all the plants will grow at the same rate and be ready for cutting, which is maturity at the same time. Shop the best clones for sale This assurance among others is why starters of cannabis farming will choose to start their nurseries with healthy clones cut from healthy mother plants. A grower will need to know what they are looking for before they can go shopping for clones online. The vendor selling the clones ought to be elaborate on the process they go through when growing their mothers detailing every aspect of it to the point where they cut and produce the clones.

Ensuring Weed Clone Mothers are Healthy

The grower intending to buy a clone needs to analyze the mother from which the clone was cut to make sure it is healthy. To help them do this, they need to ask themselves the following questions on getting to the farm:
  • Are the leaves of the plants yellowing or indicating any signs of scorching?
  • On looking closely below the mother’s blades, can they spot anything moving or eggs?
  • Can they locate any powdery substances or mold growing on any of the mother’s surface?
  • Is the soil’s PH right?
If all of the above check out, then that is one healthy plant and any clone cut from that plant is guaranteed to give high yields. When examining the mothers, make sure they inquire from the vendor whether they mix their strains or use only one strain. Choose your clones carefully by making sure the strain from their mothers is unique so that you will not end up growing the same plant as everyone else is. Having a single strain will mean that your plants will be fast moving as they will stand out from the others.
Buy Weed Clones Online

Buy Weed Clones Online

Arrange for Transport of weed clones safely

The mode of transport to use when transporting the clones is as important as growing them. As the grower, you need to consider that you will be driving around with plants and not seeds. The plants will require much more care as compared to grains. Another problem with transportation is one with the authorities. Different regions and countries have varying rules on clone purchasing. In some areas, these regulations can be confusing where you have buying clones being legal, but as soon as they start flowering, they consider the plants illegal. Take care of all the logistics before transporting.

Analyzing Clones to be bought

  • Gently try to pull the plant to make sure it is well rooted.
  • Ensure that the color of the plant’s leaves is dark green.
  • The plants should have white roots.
  • Ensure that the plants’ leaves are straight and not curled.
  • Check the plant’s leaves and stems to ensure they do not have mildew on them or any signs of eggs.
  • Finally, using a magnifying glass, ensure there are no bugs on the plant. Shake the plant to be sure no bugs drop.
When all of the above checks out, you can proceed to make your purchase. Do not go for any clones that do not pass the above tests. Those that do not will spell doom for you at a later stage, and you will not be able to get clones from the plants once they are matured.
Plant your clones as soon as you get them to their home. For one reason or another and you are not able to do this, make sure that the clones are watered using a well-diluted solution with the necessary nutrients. The clones should be in a room with a low light intensity to prevent the leaves from curling. After preparing the place, you intend to plant them, transfer the clones and happy growing. /wp-content/uploads/2018/08/BUY-WEED-CLONES-ON-LINE.jpg