Black Cherry OG

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Black Cherry OG


Black Cherry OG

The Black Cherry OG is a well-balanced strain that is well known for the deep sleep-inducing property.  With the THC ranging between 12% and 18%, makes it the ideal choice for those starting out new on the cannabis.  The Black Cherry is one of the most presentable strains around with a deep blue hue being interspaced by long orange hairs.  There are the white trichomes that form the crown and a small residue of resin to the underlying structure.

With this strain of cannabis offering bouts of euphoria to the user and a deep sleep pattern that most users find as refreshing.In the Market of Clones for Sale This could be one of the easiest of strains to grow and can handle the toughest of growing environments.  The ability to flourish in both the interior as well as the outdoor growing areas, the Black Cherry are always for those impatient folks who would want a quick harvest most of the time.

Black Cherry OG Clones

Black Cherry OG Clones

Medicinal uses of the Black Cherry OG

Most people would use the Black Cherry strain for its stress-busting quality.  However, the first time users should be warned of the bouts of euphoria that can be disorienting and which is more accepted by the long-term users most of the time.

The euphoric quality can be advantageous to those seeking a way out of depressive states but should be used with the due caution.  There have been reports of the users getting out of control in expressing their gaiety and coming to harm.

Most people who use the Black Cherry strain long enough would speak of its ability to establish a steady sleep pattern.  This property does get to be handy to those who have trouble falling asleep.  Pain can be controlled and managed effectively by this strain of cannabis most of the time.  Often it is the ability to find other focus areas that take the mind away from the occurrence of the pain in the body.

One of the critical features of the Black Cherry is its ability to keep people alert to the near occurrences.  This helps situations when a specific bit of alertness is required of the person, like when operating machinery and so on.

What the reviews speak of the Black Cherry

This variety of medicinal cannabis is to be noted for the strong reviews that the users provide.  There is a keen appreciation for the alert state that the person manages to keep.  Most first time users rarely do restrict the use to the first instance alone.  Even the euphoric states that do come on and off, have a strong group of proponents.

Most of the cultivators of the Black Cherry OG are impressed with the fast-growing nature of the produce.  Thus it is possible to have freshly grown cannabis in the quickest of times possible.

The strain does have a strong aroma and is often referred to like the fruity tea.  There is the usual dryness of the mouth that proper intake of fluids could well manage most of the users of cannabis experience but this.
Black Cherry OG

The origins of the Black Cherry OG

The widespread perception is that the strain was introduced by Grand Daddy Purple and is a combination of one of the most potent strains in the Grand Daddy stables and the Ken OGs.  There is a strong body to the fumes and quick action too that sets in fast after the use.

It would be advisable for the first users to be cautious of spells of giddiness, but this effect wears off fast and with the more pronounced use of the produce.