Advantages of Marijuana Clones

Verified Facts on the Advantages of Marijuana Clones For Arthritis Patients
July 24, 2018
Everything You Wanted to Know About Marijuana Clones
July 24, 2018

Advantages of Marijuana Clones


Local and state governments in the U.S. began controlling the sale of marijuana in the 1800s. Many of the states regulated the drug further in 1906 by stamping it as a poison. Most states illegalized cannabis completely in the 1920s.

Some states are now authorizing the use of marijuana for verified medical reasons, however, for which advocates say the drug has many great advantages. There are pros and cons to consider on either side of the argument.

Advantages of Marijuana Clones

Advantages of Marijuana Clones

Need for the Best Marijuana Clones Nationwide

Supporters of marijuana legalization fight for the legalization of medical marijuana, rather than fighting for legalization for all consumers. Others say it should be taxed and controlled like alcohol and cigarettes, so anybody over a certain age would be able to obtain it legally. Here are a few of the arguments for marijuana authorization:

  • Industrial uses for marijuana, like clothing
  • Less harmful than cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs
  • Medical benefits, especially cancer and AIDs patients
  • Decrease in violent crimes linked to drug clashes
  • Tax income on selling marijuana
  • Illegalization restricts personal freedom
  • Free up police and courts resources for “more important” issues

The Fight against the Legalization of cannabis clones

The challengers of cannabis legalization also have opinions to defend their stand, including:

  • Passive inhalation of smoke would increase
  • Moral oppositions to using pot
  • Harder drugs such as cocaine and narcotics might be legal once pot is legal
  • Marijuana can encourage taking harder drugs, such as heroin and crack
  • More young children easily obtain marijuana if it was sold in stores
  • More individuals would cause irreversible damage to their bodies from abuse of the drug if it were legal

There’s no refusing marijuana has some harmful side effects, which is why it was outlawed in the first place. The question still remains: Is that enough to make it illegal?